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Aquinas Lecture Oct 2023     Philosophy Welcomes     Why major in Philosophy?
Dr. Jose Medina, PhD              Dr. Abram Capone, PhD
Walter Dill Scott Professor       New Teaching Asst. Prof.
Northwestern University           for fall 2023. He comes 
Friday, October 6th                   to Marquette as a recent
3 - 4:30 pm                               PhD graduate from 
AMU 227             .                    Loyola University, Chicago. 

Department News and Events

The Aquinas Lecture in Philosophy
Welcomes Dr. Jose Medina, PhD.
Walter Dill Scott Professor, Northwestern
Communities of Resistance and Prefigurative Politic; open to the public
Friday, October 6th, 3-4:30 pm, AMU 227

Fall 2023 Philosophy Seminar Series

Friday, Sept. 15: Kris McLain from Penn State presents “The Political Import of Phintys the Pythagorean: Sôphrosunê, Power, and the State.”
Marquette Hall 105, 3–4:15pm.

Friday, Oct 6:The Aquinas Lecture in Philosophy welcomes Dr. Jose Medina, PhD., Walter Dill Scott Professor, Northwestern; Communities of Resistance and Prefigurative Politics.
AMU 227 3-4:30 pm,
open to the public

Friday, 10 November: Fabrice Jotterand PhD, MA, Professor of Bioethics and Medical Humanities; Director, Graduate Program in Bioethics, the Medical College of Wisconsin. MH 105, 3-4:30pm.

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Classroom Resources Developed by Philosophers
Philosophy’s Dr. Michael Olson and Western Sydney University's Dr. Jennifer Mensch are collaborating with a British company to develop classroom resources for high school students to think about what they might study at university. They recorded a soon-to-be-releaed podcast and recently published a story with a link to the presentation

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Congratulations Kiesha Martin
Marquette Philosophy’s Kiesha Martin is a Professorial Lecturer in Ethics at American University, department of Philosophy and Religion. Martin received research support, and the ability to participate in a Mellon book incubator project open to junior faculty.   

Congratulations Graduates
PhD graduate Sarah Kizuk has accepted the position of Assistant Professor of Philosophy at Skidmore College.  PhD graduate Jorge Montiel has accepted a Tenure Track position at Wabash College.

Dr. Javiera Perez Gomez Honored with The Way Klingler Early Career Award 
Dr. Javiera Perez Gomez’s was honored with The Way Klingler Early Career Award that will support time for the completion of her first book, “The Moral and Epistemic Wrongs of Microaggressions.”
More information about the Distinguished Scholars Program.

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