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Department News and Events

Dr. Owen Goldin recipient of the Way Klingler Fellowship
Marquette's Office of Research and Innovation honored Philosophy’s Dr. Owen Goldin with a Way Klingler Fellowship, recognizing him for outstanding achievement in research and scholarship. More information.

Registration for Fall 2024 Philosophy
*Advising: Mar 18th through March 27th
*Registration: Apr 2nd through April 19th
*Check out both the Fall 2024 Philosophy Undergraduate Electives and the Graduate Courses. For more information, on advising and registration survey details, please refer to Philosophy's Class Registration page.

Ericka Tucker, Associate Professor, recently gave a talk at the American Political Science Association’s all-virtual Research meeting. The panel was Perspectives on Democracy, and her paper was entitled: Big Councils: Spinoza on the Epistemic, Ontological, and Affective Foundations of Democratic Power.

Inaugural Black and Brown Run
Drs. Grant Silva and Stephanie Rivera Berruz participated in this fall’s inaugural Black Brown Run Around aimed at promoting health and wellness, fostering connection among Black and Latinx communities, and also supporting non-profits working to support financial literacy. More information.

Milwaukee Film Festival
Dr. Stephanie Rivera Berruz guided a panel of arts practitioners at the 2023 Cultures and Communities Festival, addressing the revolutionary potential of memory work to bridge the past, present, and future, preserving the African cultural lineage of Latinos over generations. More information.

Check out the Philosophy spring '24 undergraduate and graduate classes 
Registration: 11/13 to 12/1
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Classroom Resources Developed by Philosophers
Philosophy’s Dr. Michael Olson and Western Sydney University's Dr. Jennifer Mensch are collaborating with a British company to develop classroom resources for high school students to think about what they might study at university. They recorded a soon-to-be-releaed podcast and recently published a story with a link to the presentation

Graduate Placements

Congratulations to Philosophy’s Kiesha Martin who is a Professorial Lecturer in Ethics at American University, department of Philosophy and Religion. Martin received research support, and the ability to participate in a Mellon book incubator project open to junior faculty.  PhD graduate Sarah Kizuk is Assistant Professor of Philosophy at Skidmore College. PhD graduate Jorge Montiel is a Tenure Track position at Wabash College.

Philosophy Colloquium Series
Fridays 3-4:30pm MH105
April 26: Mackenzie Cooley from Hamilton College on Animals and the Making of Race in the Spanish World.
May 3: Gabriela Veronelli from Universidad Nacional San Martin on Language and Power.
For more information, please contact Dr. Michael Olson.  

Philosophy’s Dr. Stephanie Rivera Berruz, Associate Professor of Philosophy and co-Director of the Center for Race, Ethnic, and Indigenous Studies co-organized the film-screening of UTAMA with a post-screening panel with the film’s director Alejandro Loayza. More details  

Philosophy Graduate Student Conference
The PGSA recently hosted their annual conference The Ethics of (Un)Civil Protest. Keynote speaker was Dr. Rafael Vizcaíno,  Asst. Prof of Philosophy at DePaul University. His work employs decolonial approaches to examine the intersections between race, religion, politics, and secularization. For more information, please contact Amanda Pinto.

  • Women in Philosophy
  • Women in Philosophy
  • Women in Philosophy

Women in Philosophy
Women philosophers are raising new questions and offering new perspectives in ethics, social and political philosophy, philosophy of mind, and feminist philosophy. Meet three women in Marquette’s Philosophy Department: Drs. Corinne Bloch-Mullins, Stephanie Rivera Berruz, and Theresa Tobin – not only are they teaching courses at the intersections of race gender, sexuality, concepts, and mental categories but they are also directing three important and groundbreaking programs and departments at Marquette. More Details. 

Philosophy and Professional Websites
Traditionally, Marquette faculty are listed in online department directories with a CV, contact information, and a brief overview of their research. If you look at Philosophy’s Faculty Directory, you’ll note that many also have links to their own professional academic websites. Roger Whitson of the Digital Scholarship Commons at Emory University thinks academics should use digital technology to their benefit. Part of using that technology positively, he says, is consciously crafting your online identity so that it most effectively presents who you are. A personal website is an online hub and can include accomplishments; current projects; paper-sharing; a brief account of research and digital scholarship; a teaching portfolio with a teaching philosophy; student evaluations; sample syllabi; links to student projects; conference presentations; and videos presenting teaching and research. For examples, check out the variety of Philosophy’s professional academic sites: Collette, Bloch-Mullins, Peressini, Perez Gomez, South, Taylor and Tucker.

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