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Philosophy invites us to explore the fundamental questions of human life, such as; How should we live? What does a just society look like? What gives our lives meaning and purpose? What should we believe, and how can we be confident that our beliefs are true? 

These questions have arisen in all cultures and during all eras of human history. Philosophy is and always has been a global practice. The Philosophy Department at Marquette celebrates the plurality and diversity of philosophical approaches and embraces philosophy’s ability to speak to who we are as human beings in all contexts, including culture, religion, race, and gender.

Students who choose to study with us will explore philosophy’s fundamental questions through the lens of a wide array of philosophical traditions from Ancient Greece, Europe and the Middle East, to Latin America, the Caribbean, Africa, and Asia, in a rigorous and exciting program that will challenge them to become critical thinkers who interrogate inherited assumptions and illuminate new ways of being, thinking, and doing in the world.

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  • Philosophy for Girls

Sterling Knox Research on Addiction and Agency

Melissa Shew and Philosophy for Girls

Recent News

javieraThe Department welcomes Dr. Javiera Perez Gomez, who joins us as Assistant Professor in Fall 2020. Her main research interests are in applied ethics and bio-ethics. Much of her current work focuses on analyzing policies and practices that seem to compound the disadvantages that members of marginalized groups already face.

The 5th Latinx Philosophy Conference will take place virtually on October 30-31. The event is being organized by Marquette Philosophy’s Javiera Perez Gomez with keynote address by Philosophy’s Stephanie Rivera Berruz from 1-2:15 pm CST. 

Check out the newly approved Philosophy Courses being offered this fall 2020.

Read Dr. Stephanie Rivera Berruz's open letter to Marquette University regarding racial justice (June 17, 2020).

Dr. Stephanie Rivera Berruz wrote about the meaning and impact of the ongoing protests against police brutality in Milwaukee

Read Dr. Grant's blog entry, The Lives that Matter in the Prevailing Social Order, for the American Philosophical Association 

2020 Undergraduate Philosophy Awards
Congratulations to Jason Hanselman who was awarded the 2020 Francis X. Boden Award for Excellence in the Study of Philosophy; Jake Stavsky received the 2020 James Robb Award for Excellence in the Study of the History of Philosophy; and Alanna McCauley was awarded the 2020 Rev. John Naus, S.J. Award for Excellence in the Study of Ethics and Value. More details

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Friday Seminar Series
A Philosophy Department virtual seminar series; Fridays, 3-4 pm.
See the complete schedule.

Conference: Essence and Existence in the 13th and 14th Centuries, 11-13 September 2020. More information.

International Series of Six Lectures on the Christian West and the Islamic East: Theology, Science and Knowledge. More Information

Latin and Arabic Reading Groups in 2020-21. More information

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