Philosophy Club

About the Philosophy Club

The philosophy club at Marquette is run by a group of undergraduate students who are interested in fostering philosophical activity on campus. The group typically meets three times per month for discussions on set topics. Some past discussion topics: the mind-body problem, the existence and role of God, the question of free-will, the natures of art and literature, the philosophy of time, ethical theory and applied ethics, the utility and function of religion. The meetings are opportunities for informal discussion among any Marquette students who are interested in attending.

Club Events

The club also sponsors events throughout the academic year. In the past the philosophy club has helped sponsor public lectures by professional philosophers, screened "philosophical" films, and hosted a mini-conference on Kant's ethics and aesthetics at which undergraduates were invited to present original papers to the club.

Additional Information

Anyone interested in joining the club or attending a philosophy club activity should contact the Faculty Advisor, Dr. Desiree Valentine.