Graduate Student Research

Rob Gilbert

The National Philosophical Counseling Organization recently published Rob's paper about the metaphysics of mental disorders (and what sorts of things these are if they can even be considered things at all) in the latest volume of their annual journal. Here's a link to the article.  

Seth Kreeger

Aquinas’ Attribution of Creation Ex Nihilo to Plato and Aristotle: The Importance of Avicenna

Sterling Knox

PhD student Sterling Knox has been appointed to the Juvenile Justice Advisory Committee. Read the newspaper article here 

Mehrzad A. Moin 

Moin, Mehrzad A. “Heidegger on Anxiety in the Face of Death—An Analysis and Extension.” Southwest Philosophy Review 37, no. 2 (July 2021): 131–47. Read here

Marisola Xhelili Ciaccio

Marisola is part of the Education Preparedness Program providing academic support and career building resources for incarcerated and recently released students through Marquette University's Center for Urban Research, Teaching, & Outreach, in collaboration with partnering academic institutions and community organizations. 

Karolyn Burns and Melady Elifritz

Love, Sex and Justice in the South
PhD students Karolyn Burns and Melady Elifritz were invited to speak on a panel at this year’s Southeastern Women’s Studies Association (SEWSA) Conference on Love, Sex and Justice in the South (3/24-3/26, virtual). The panel Feasting and the Ecologies of Sex weaves together sexual excess under racial capitalism from 16th century Europe, plantations of the American South and our current time. More information

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Dissertations and Placement History 1998-2022

Ph.D. Dissertation Titles & Placement Record

  • Damon Watson (August 2020)

    Concerning Aristotelian Animal Essences

    Visiting Assistant Professor, Marquette University

  • Brandon Henrigillis (August 2020)

    Cosmic City - Cosmic Teleology: A Reading of Metaphysics Λ 10 and Politics I 2.

    Adjunct professor, Georgia State University

  • Nicholas Oschman (June 2020)

    Al-Farabi, Metaphysics, and the Construction of Social Knowledge:  Is Deception Warranted if it Leads to Happiness?

  • Daniel Adsett (May 2020)

    The Status of Irrationality.  Karl Jaspers’ Response to Davidson and Searle

  • Robert Kyle Whitaker (February 2020)

    The Epistemology of Disagreement: Hume, Kant, and the Current Debate.

    Visiting Assistant Professor, Marquette University
  • John Jered Janes (January 2020)

    Phenomenal Consciousness: A Husserlian Approach

    Visiting Assistant Professor, Marquette University

  • Gregory Trotter (September 2019)

    The Fantastic Structure of Freedom: Sartre, Freud, and Lacan

  • Shaun Miller (May 2019)

    Care of the Sexual Self: Askesis As a Route to Sex Education

    Assistant Professor, fixed term, Dalhousie University, Canada

  • Steven Plecnik (May 2019)

    Re-Evaluating Augustinian Fatalism through the Eastern and Western Distinction between God’s Essence and Energies

    Visiting Assistant Professor, Marquette University

  • Clark Wolf (May 13, 2019)

    The Province of Conceptual Reason: Hegel’s Post Kantian Rationalism

    Visiting Assistant Professor, Marquette University

  • Jennifer Fenton (April 2019)

    Our Feet Are Mired In The Same Soil: Deepening Democracy With the Political Virtue of Sympathetic Inquiry

    Visiting Assistant Professor, Marquette University

  • Jennifer Marra (February 15, 2019)

    Humor, Power, and Culture:  A New Theory on the Experience and Ethics of Humor

    Visiting Assistant Professor, Marquette University

    Assistant Professor, tenure track, GSU Perimeter College

  • J Tyler Friedman (Fall, 2018)

    Towards a Philosophy of the Musical Experience:  Culture, Phenomenology and Ethnomusicology in Conversation

    Curator, Wisconsin Museum of Art, West Bend, WI

  • Russell Hamer (April 4, 2018)

    The Parable as Mirror: An Examination of the Use of Parables in the Works of Kierkegaard

    Director of E-Sports, Mount St. Mary's University

  • Alexander Bozzo (March 7, 2018)

    Hume on Thick and Thin Causation

    Associate Lecturer, University of Wisconsin Green Bay

  • Nathan Blackerby (June 16, 2017)

    Contextualizing Aquinas’s Ontology of Soul: An Analysis of His Arabic and Neoplatonic Sources

    Associate Lecturer, University of Akron

  • Traci Philipson (June 16, 2017)

    Aquinas, Averroes and the Human Will

    Visiting Assistant Professor, Marquette, as of 2020 Assistant Professor, TT

  • Dale Hobbs (May 11, 2017)

    Investigations of Worth: Towards a Phenomenology of Values

  • Matthew M. Peters (May 9, 2017)

    Hegel and the Problem of Philosophical Disagreement

    Lecturer, St. Joseph’s College, Philadelphia

  • Kimberly Engels (May 5, 2017)

    The Social A Historical Subject in Sartre and Foucault and its implications for Healthcare Ethics

    Assistant Professor, Molloy College, Long Island NY

  • Matthew Nowachek (October 13, 2016)

    Living Within the Sacred Tension: Paradox and its Significance for Christian Existence in the Thoughts of Søren Kierkegaard

  • Chad Kleist (May 13, 2016)

    Developing Capabilities: A Feminist Discourse Ethics Approach

    Non-Academic Employment: Director of Ethics Compliance, Oshkosh Company

  • Catlyn Origitano (May 13, 2016)

    Moral Imagination and Adorno: Before and After Auschwitz

    Vice President for Product and Portfolio Marketing at Fivetran in Oakland, CA. 

  • Daniel Vecchio (May 9, 2016)

    Essence and Necessity, and the Aristotelian Modal Syllogistic: A Historical and Analytical Study

    Professor & Chair, Department of Philosophy, Victor Valley College

  • Kirstin McPherson (April 4, 2016)

    The Secular Transformation of Pride and Humility in the Moral Philosophy of David Hume

    Non-Academic Employment

  • Agust Magnusson (March 9, 2016)

    Kierkegaard in Light of the East: A Critical Comparison of the Philosophy of Søren Kierkegaard with Orthodox Christian Philosophy

    Lecturer, University of Wisconsin, Milwaukee

  • Matthew Zdon (November 6, 2015)

    The Conceptual Priority of the Perfect

    Non-academic employment

  • Celeste Harvey (September 21, 2015)

    The Moral Significance of Human Nature for Feminist Moral Philosophy

    Assistant Professor, College of St. Mary, Omaha NE

  • Trevor Smith (June 11, 2015)

    Resisting Oppression: A Virtue Ethics Approach

    Schindler Elevator Corporation

  • Velimir Stojkovski (April 7, 2015)

    Recognition and Political Ontology: Fichte, Hegel, and Honneth

    Assistant Professor, Eastern Michigan University, University of Michigan Dearborn

  • Margaret Steele (March 20, 2015)

    Health as Embodied Authenticity

    Researcher, History and Folklore, University of Cork, Ireland

  • Chris A. Kramer (January 16, 2015)

    Subversive Humor

    Instructor, Santa Barbara City College

  • Daniel Farmer (March 31, 2014)

    Dangerous Knowledge? Morality and Moral Progress after Naturalism

    Software Developer, Digital Measures

  • Rosa Vargas-Della-Casa (November 8, 2013)

    Thomas Aquinas on the Apprehension of Being: The Role of Judgment in Light of Thirteenth-Century Semantics

    Professor, Universidad Antonio Ruiz De Montoya, Peru

  • David McPherson (May 10, 2013)

    Re-Enchanting the World: An Examination of Ethics, Religion, and their Relationship in the Work of Charles Taylor

    Assistant Professor, Creighton University

  • Rev. Charles W. Peterson (October 31, 2012)

    The Humanistic, Fideistic Philosophy of Philip Melancthon (1497-1560)

    Pastor, Trinity Evangelical Lutheran Church, Columbus, OH
  • Earl Cookson (May 10, 2012)

    Naturalized Panpsychism: An Alternative to Fundamentalist Physicalism and Super Naturalism

    Non-academic employment

  • Colin Hahn (March 29, 2012)

    The Concept of Personhood in the Phenomenology of Edmund Husserl

    Non-academic employment: Instructor in Workforce Development at Goodwill Industries (WI)

  • Melissa Mosko (August 26, 2011)

    Sexualized Violence, Moral Disintegration and Ethical Advocacy

    Assistant Professor, Canisius College

  • Matthew Wion (May 17, 2011)

    Spinoza on Individuals and Individuation: Metaphysics, Morals and Politics

    Instructor College of Extended Studies San Diego State University

  • Anthony Karlin (December 13, 2010) (Grad May 2011)

    William James’s Undivided Self and the Possibility of Immortality

    Virtual College Professor, Fort Hays State University

  • Arun Iyer (April 18, 2011)

    Knowledge and Thought in Heidegger and Foucault: Towards an Epistemology of Ruptures

    Tenured Professor, Indian Institute of Technology (IIT Bombay), Mumbai, India
  • David Leichter (April 8, 2011)

    The Poetics of Remembrance: Communal Memory and Identity in Heidegger and Ricoeur

    Associate Professor & Department Chair, Marian University

  • Bernard (BJ) Mauser (February 28, 2011)

    The Ontological Foundation For Natural Law Ethics and Contemporary Ethical Naturalism

    Professor, Rivendell Sanctuary

    Upper School Principal at Westside Christian Academy

  • Lorelle Lamascus (November 16, 2010)

    Love’s Lack: The Relationship between Eros and Poverty in Plato’s Symposium

    Dean of the Middle and Upper Schools at The Atonement Academy

  • Shazad Akhtar (November 15, 2010)

    The Paradox of Nature: Meleau-Ponty’s Semi-Naturalistic Critique of Husserlian Phenomenology

    Non-academic employment
  • Shalina Stilley (May 19, 2010)

    Natural Law Theory and the Is-Ought Problem

    Director: William Starr

    Non-Academic employment

  • Daniel Esposito (May 19, 2010)

    Hume’s Conception of Time and its Implications for His Theories of Causation and Induction

    Adjunct Assistant Professor of Philosophy, Piedmont Virginia Community College

  • Joshua Schulz (April 13, 2010)

    Friendship and Fidelity: An Historical and Critical Examination

    Associate Professor, DeSales University, Center Valley PA

  • Max Herrera (April 9, 2010)

    Arabic Influences in Aquinas’s Doctrine of Intelligible Species

    Non-Academic:  Data Science Consultant

  • Sebastian Kaufmann (February 25, 2010)

    The Attestation of the Self as a Bridge Between Hermeneutics and Ontology in the Philosophy of Paul Ricoeur

    Professor, Vice President for Integration and Director for International Cooperation, Universidad Alberto Hurtado, Santiago Chile

  • Amy Whitworth (December 11, 2009)

    Attending to Presence: A Study of John Duns Scotus’ Account of Sense Cognition

    Vice president for Academic Success

    Associate Professor, San Antonio College

  • Cristina Bucur (October 26, 2009)

    Friendship and Self-Identity in the Thought of Paul Ricoeur

    Adjunct instructor, Duquesne University
  • Francisco Romero Carrasquillo (May 22, 2009)

    The Finality of Religion in Aquinas’ Theory of Human Acts

    Associate Research Professor of Philosophy Universidad Panamericana, Guadalajara, Jalisco, Mexico

    Adjunct Professor of Philosophy, St. Gregory the Great Seminary

  • Christopher Ward (November 19, 2007)

    John Rawls, Public Reason and Natural Law: A Study of the Principles of Public Justification

    Non-Academic: Owner, Arborist, Ward Tree Care, Oregon

  • Paul Neiman (May 15, 2007)

    A Social Contract Analysis of Rawls and Rousseau: Supplanting the Original Position as Philosophically Most Favored

    Associate Professor, St. Cloud State University

  • Rev. Dr. Gregory Schulz (April 18, 2007)

    To Validate a Feeling: The Role of the Mood of Angst in Human Being

    Professor, Concordia University Wisconsin
  • Scott Sinclair (April 16, 2007)

    The Conception and Attributes of God – A Comparison of Charles Sanders Peirce and Alfred North Whitehead

    Adjunct, St. Louis Community College

    Adjunct Webster University

  • Jeffrey Goins (November 20, 2006)

    Hans Jonas’s Ethics of Responsibility Applied to Anti-Aging Technologies and the Indefinite Extension of the Human Life Span

    Senior Lecturer, University of Wisconsin Colleges, UW Sheboygan

  • Griffin Nelson (November 15, 2006)

    Virtue Theory in Plato’s Republic

    Visiting Assistant Professor, Miami University

  • Ginger Lee (April 19, 2006)

    David Hume and The Principle of Sufficient Reason

    Adjunct Instructor, Ashford University

  • Matthew Pierlott (April 18, 2006)

    The Principle of Alternate Possibilities: Finding Freedom after Frankfurt

    Associate Professor, Chair, West Chester University, West Chester PA

  • Jacob Held (November 10, 2005)

    Is There a Future for Marxist Humanism?

    Professor, Department of Philosophy and Religion, University of Central Arkansas

  • Li Jing (November 4, 2005)

    Self-Love and Morality: Beyond Egoism and Altruism

    Non-Academic Employment: Attorney at Law, King and Wood, PRC

  • Timothy Yoder (May 18, 2005)

    Hume’s Conclusions on the Existence and Nature of God

    Associate Professor of Theological Studies, Cairn University
  • Ryan McBride (May 13, 2005)

    Eikos Muthos: A Study of the Nature of the Likely Story in Plato’s Timaeus

    Administrative Assistant Professor, Tulane University

  • Daniel Kern (December 17, 2004)

    New Waves in Metaethics: Naturalist Realism, Naturalist Antirealism and Divine Commands

    Instructor, Chaffey College

  • John Muenzberg (November 15, 2004)

    Reason in Hume’s Moral System

    Lecturer, Murray State University

  • Russell Snell (November 15, 2004)

    Through a Glass Darkly: Bernard Lonergan and Richard Rorty on the Possibility of Knowing Without a God’s-Eye-View

    Associate Professor, Director Philosophy Program, Eastern University, St. David’s PA

    Professor of Philosophy and Executive Director of Agora Institute at Templeton Honors College at Eastern University

  • Kristin Schaupp (May 28, 2004)

    Conceiving Mind: A Critique of Descartes’ Dualism and Contemporary Immaterialist Views of Consciousness

    Associate Professor, University of Wisconsin-Eau Claire

  • Rev. Peter Bwanali, S.J. (April 20, 2004)

    The Foundations of the Politics of Difference

    Provincial, Zambia-Malawi Province, Society of Jesus

  • John Simmons (April 8, 2004)

    Francis Suárez on the Ontological Status of Individual Unity vis-á-vis the Aristotelian Doctrine of Primary Substance

    Non-academic employment:  software engineer

  • Stephen Schulman (April 7, 2004)

    Respecting Plurality in Times of Change: Hannah Arendt’s Conceptions of Political, Personal, and Ethical Responsibility

    Associate Professor and Chair Elon University

  • Michael Gillick (April 5, 2004)

    The Place of Justice in the Thinking of Emmanuel Levinas

    Non-Academic: Senior Legal Partner, Gillick, Wicht, Gillick and Graf

  • Mark Lenker (November 14, 2003)

    The Social and Practical Turn: A Critical Examination of Dewey's Philosophy of Freedom

    Librarian, Longwood University

  • Rev. Keith R. D’Souza, S.J. (October 28, 2003)

    Ricoeur's Narrative Development of Gadamer's Hermeneutics: Continuity and Discontinuity

    Professor, St. Pius X Seminary, Goregaon, India

  • Kevin Hermberg (April 22, 2003)

    Empathy and Knowledge: Husserl's Introductions to Phenomenology.

    Associate Professor, Dominican College, Orangeburg NY

  • Kelly Burns (April 4, 2003)

    Building a Heideggerian Ethic.

    Associate Professor and Chair, Dominican University, River Forest, IL

  • Matthew Hayes (March 21, 2003)

    Beauty's Resting Place: Unity in Augustine's Sensible Aesthetic
  • Michael Dougherty (January 21, 2003)

    St Thomas Aquinas And The Self-Evident Proposition: A Study Of The Manifold Senses Of A Medieval Concept.

    Associate Professor & Sr. Ruth Caspar Chair in Philosophy Ohio Dominican University

  • John Morse  (January 15, 2003)

    Reflection on the “Good” as a Source of Freedom in Virtue Theory.

    Assistant Principal for Academics, St. John’s High School, Shrewsbury MA

  • Lawrence Masek (November 7, 2002)

    Kant on Love for Oneself: Why Respect for the Moral Law, But Not the Desire for Happiness, is a Moral Incentive.

    Associate Professor, Ohio Dominican University
  • Sarah (Sally) Fischer (April 15, 2002)

    Merleau-Ponty: Embodied Subjectivity and the Foundation of Ethics.

    Chair, Department of Philosophy, Warren Wilson College

  • Chad Meister (March 21, 2002)

    Essence, Individuation and Artifact: An Aristotelian Model for Familiar Concrete Particulars.

    Professor, Chair Religion and Philosophy Department, Bethel College Indiana

  • John Visintainer (April 15, 2002)

    Descartes’ Theory Against Artificial Intelligence and the Micro-World

    Associate Professor and Chair, San Antonio College

  • Eugene Rice (January 25, 2002)

    Normative Strategies for Resolving Human Rights Conflict.

    Associate Professor and Chair, Fort Hays State University

  • Karl Schudt (November 16, 2001)

    Faith and Reason in the Philosophy of Edith Stein.

    Lecturer Philosophy, Department of Liberal Arts Benedictine University Lisle, Il

  • Patrick Tully (November 2, 2001)

    Richard McCormick’s Proportionalism: A Consequentialist Ethical Theory

    Department Chair and Associate Professor, University of Scranton

  • Paul Gyllenhammer (October 31, 2001)

    Ricoeur's Theory of Narrative as a Reformulation of Husserl's Notion of Intentionality.

    Associate Professor, St. John’s University

  • Andrew Gustafson (April 20, 2001)

    Mill’s View of Moral Sentiments, With Application to Advertising Ethics.

    Professor of Business Ethics and Society, Creighton University

  • Louis J. Schiano, Jr. (February 21, 2001)

    The Kehre and Heidegger's Beitrage zur Philosophie (Vom Ereignis).

    Professor Northern New Mexico College 2013

  • John Laumakis (February 16, 2001)

    Avicebron (Solomon ibn Gabirol) and Aquinas on Primary and Secondary Causality.

    Associate Professor, Illinois College

  • John Rosheger (July 18, 2000)

    Is God a "What"?: Aquinas, Neoplatonism, and the Divine Essence.

    Foreign Language Department Head, Geneva School of Bourne, Texas

  • Paul Copan (May 18, 2000)

    The Moral Dimensions of Michael Martin's Atheology: A Critical Assessment.

    Professor and Pledger Family Chair of Philosophy and Ethics, Palm Beach Atlantic University

  • Michael Forest (April 18, 2000)

    Charles S. Peirce: Truth, Reality and Objective Semiotic Idealism.

    Associate Professor, Canisius College

  • Russell W. Dumke (November 17, 1999)

    Transformation and Community

    Lecturer, Our Lady of the Lake University

  • Hye-Kyung Kim (October 20, 1999)

    Aristotle's Theory of Substance as "Kath'Hauto" Entity in the Metaphysic

    Associate Professor, Chair, University of Wisconsin-Green Bay

  • Alan Vincelette (May 19, 1999)

    The Problem of Love: The Relationship Between The Love of Self and The Love of Other, Self-Fulfillment and Self-Denial

    Associate Professor of Philosophy, St. John’s Seminary College

  • Patricia Calton (April 23, 1999)

    The Trinitarian Nature of Hegel’s Ontological Argument

    Department Chair, Associate Professor of Philosophy at Saint Mary’s University

  • Theodore DiMaria (April 23, 1999)

    Kant's Conception of the Self: Applying the Dual Aspect Reading of the Phenomena/Noumena Distinction to the Self

    Associate Professor, Chair, Gonzaga University

  • Eric Manchester (December 9, 1998)

    God, Freedom, and Empiricism in Locke

    Professor of Philosophy at Saint Charles Borromeo Seminary

  • Larry D. Harwood (May 4, 1998)

    The Relationship of Materiality to Religious Consciousness in the Protestant Reformed Tradition

    Professor, Viterbo University

  • Theodore M. Cooke (April 15, 1998)

    Berkeley: Perception, Conception, and Indexical Thought

    Associate Professor of Philosophy, Belmont Abby College

M.A. Placement

  • David Abergel (2020): Ph.D. Philosophy, Boston College
  • Anthony Dittus (2020): Resource Planning Software Developer
  • Albertus Joni (2020): Ph.D. Philosophy, Marquette University
  • Sterling Knox (2020): Ph.D. Philosophy, Marquette University
  • Mehrzad Moin (2020): Ph.D. Philosophy, Marquette University
  • Peter Rossi (2020): Ph.D. Track, Philosophy of Science, Indiana University
  • Margaret Angucia (2019): Ph.D. Philosophy, University of Groinegin
  • Alan Chavoya (2019): Ph.D. Philosophy, Northwestern University
  • Will Fitzsimmons (2019): Ph.D. Philosophy, University of Oregon
  • Jared Sutsko (2019): Ph.D. Theology, Catholic University of America
  • Raymond Wilson (2019)
  • Elizabeth Flamm (2017): Employed at City Year MKE; Part-time Ph.D. Philosophy as of 2020, Marquette University
  • Wayne Mattis (2017): Certificate in Theology and Ministry, Boston College
  • Alexander Neubauer (2017): ECG/EKG Technician
  • Austin Reece (2017): Ph.D. Philosophy, Marquette University
  • Timothy Stolz (2017): M.A. Political Science, University of Wisconsin Milwaukee
  • Christopher Burrell (2016): Educator, English as Second Language
  • John Janes (2016): Ph.D. Philosophy, Marquette University
  • Anne Samata (2016): Ph.D. Philosophy, University of Maryland
  • Tracy Wietecha (2016): Ph.D. Philosophy, LMU Munich
  • Theresa Beaumier (2015): Ph.D. Sociology, University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee
  • Anthony Lozito (2015)
  • Dominique Reid (2015): Ph.D. Program, Syracuse University
  • Paul Turack Jr. (2015): Philosophy Lecturer, University of Rio Grande
  • Evan Williams (2015): Ph.D. Philosophy, University of St. Thomas
  • Elizabeth Wolk (2015): Admissions Representative at Marquette University
  • Jessica Adkins (2014): Ph.D. Philosophy, St. Louis University; Adjunct Professor, Southern University of Illinois-Edwardsville
  • Jacob Andrews (2014): Ph.D. Philosophy, Loyola University Chicago
  • Nathan Blackerby (2014): Ph.D. Philosophy, Marquette University
  • Peter Burgess (2014): Ph.D. Philosophy, Marquette University
  • Adriana Kowal (2014): Philosophy Lecturer, Loyola University Chicago
  • Robert Ramos (2014): Philosophy Assistant Lecturer, University of Akron-Ohio
  • Celeste Harvey (2013): Ph.D. Philosophy, Marquette University
  • Lawrence Laflame (2013): Philosophy Instructor, Archbishop Curely High School
  • Amy Lapisardi (2013): Independent Author
  • Collin Pointon (2013): Business Owner, Pointon Ventures LLC, Home Inspector
  • Stephen Smith (2013): Higher Education Professional
  • Michael Anderson (2012): Software Engineer at DRW (Chicago)
  • Jacob Bagha (2012): Logic Instructor at Marquette University
  • Kyle Bruan (2012): Technician at TransGlobal Storage Systems
  • Justin Bright (2012): Communications Technology Technician
  • Arlie Ferguson (2012): Structured Learning Assistant- MATC
  • Michael Flierl (2012): Visiting Assistant Professor and Information Literacy, Ohio State University
  • Chad Kleist (2012): Ph.D. Philosophy, Marquette University
  • Jedidiah Mohring (2012): Instructor, Southern Connecticut State University
  • Traci Philipson (2012): Ph.D. Philosophy, Marquette University
  • Alan Shear (2012): Adjunct Philosophy Instructor, McHenry County College
  • Trevor Smith (2012): Ph.D. Philosophy, Marquette University
  • Velimir Stojkovski (2012): Ph.D. Philosophy, Marquette University
  • Andrew Vink (2012): Ph.D. Theology, Boston College
  • Luke Amentas (2011): Behavioral Sciences Professor, Kingsborough Community College
  • Daniel Farmer (2011): Ph.D. Philosophy, Marquette University
  • Arun Iyer (2011): Ph.D. Philosophy, Marquette University
  • David McPherson (2011): Ph.D. Philosophy, Marquette University
  • Kirstin McPherson (2011): Ph.D. Philosophy, Marquette University
  • Ahmad Rahmat (2011): School of Cultures, Languages and Area Studies, University of Nottingham
  • Vincent Stevenson Jr. (2011): Philosophy Professor, Bronx Community College
  • John Westbrook (2011): Corpsman, US Navy
  • Adam Dawson (2010)
  • Colin Hahn (2010): Ph.D. Philosophy, Marquette University
  • Benjamin De Young (2009): Airforce JAG Attorney
  • Amber Gravitter (2009): Counselor
  • Jeremiah Hindman (2009): Philosophy and Political Science Instructor, Northeast Texas CC
  • Krystal Klapatch (2009): Adjunct Philosophy Instructor, Mount Mary University
  • Mark Knowles (2009): Church Minister
  • Reid LePage (2009): Case Manager at RemX
  • Cole Modlin (2009): Professional Counseling, Oral Roberts University
  • Jason Nicholson (2009): Program Chair of Humanities, Culver Academies
  • Gretchen Niswonger (2009): Adjunct Philosophy Instructor, Marian University of Fond du Lac
  • Jonathan Wenders (2009): Ph.D. Philosophy, University of Georgia