The Philosophy Department contributes a number of courses to the Marquette Core Curriculum, including Foundation-Tier Courses, Discovery-Tier Courses, Writing-Intensive Courses, and second-level Engaging Social Systems and Values (ESSV) Courses.

Foundation-Tier Courses

In addition to PHIL 1001 (Foundations in Philosophy), the Philosophy Department teaches numerous sections of CORE 1929 (Foundations in Methods of Inquiry)—each taught by a different instructor with a different point of view and expertise in different times and place. Offered each semester.

Discovery-Tier Courses

Each student must take at least four courses in one Discovery-Tier theme; at least one of these courses must be a Humanities course, although students can choose to take two Humanities courses if they choose. Students can apply up to two Discovery-Tier courses to their majors and minors.

The Philosophy Department offers multiple courses each term in all of the Discovery-Tier themes. 

Basic Needs and Justice:
PHIL 3501 Philosophy of War and Peace
PHIL 3502 Narrating Freedom: Gender, Race and Mass Incarceration
PHIL 3660 Marx and Marxism
PHIL 3751 Philosophy and History of Crime and Punishment
PHIL 4320 Contemporary Ethical Problems
PHIL 4330 Business Ethics
PHIL 4335 Biomedical Ethics

Cognition, Intelligence, Memory:
PHIL 3370 Philosophy of Art   
PHIL 3450 Epistemology         
PHIL 3460 Philosophy of Language    
Phil 3504   Ethics and the Function of Reason in Human Life 
PHIL 3620 Medieval Philosophy         
PHIL 3650 Early Modern Philosophy  
PHIL 4450 Philosophy of Mind

Crossing Boundaries:
PHIL 3390 Latin American Philosophy
PHIL 3507 Global Justice
PHIL 3508 Caribbean Philosophy
PHIL 3780 Africana Philosophy

Expanding Our Horizons:
PHIL 3350  Philosophy of the Environment
PHIL 3770  Feminist Philosophy    
PHIL 4470  Philosophy of Science

Individuals and Communities:
PHIL 2310 Theory of Ethics
PHIL 3503 The Ethics of Intimacy
PHIL 3506 Philosophy of Race
PHIL 3710 Political Philosophy

Core-designated Writing-Intensive Courses
Two Philosophy courses satisfy the upper-level writing-intensive requirement of the Marquette Core Curriculum. These courses include instruction in the writing process, give students multiple writing opportunities, and require revision of written work.  
PHIL 3610 Ancient Philosophy
PHIL 3505 Philosophy of Film

Second-Level Engaging Social Systems and Values (ESSV) Courses
Students can fulfill the second ESSV requirement in several ways, including courses taken in their majors.
PHIL 3502 Narrating Freedom: Gender, Race and Mass Incarceration
PHIL 3507 Global Justice

Culminating Experience
Philosophy faculty teach half of the numerous sections of CORE 4929 The Service of Faith and Promotion of Justice, a culminating course that further integrates the Marquette Core experience, emphasizing reflection on and application of knowledge and skills developed in the Core. A special focus on vocation and discernment invites students to evaluate their course work at Marquette alongside their own worldview.