Current Students in the PhD Program

andyAndrew Ashenden

Interests: Medieval/Ancient philosophy, Augustine, Philosophy of Martin Luther, Reformation Christological Debates, Semantics; Other interests: running, lifting, cryptocurrency

B.A. Concordia University, Philosophy
M.A. Biola University, Christian Apologetics  



bennettJonmarc Bennett


Interests:Systematic Ontology & Meontology; Religion & Faith (Christianity and Buddhism);  Aesthetics & Poetics; Intercultural Philosophy. Historical Paul Ricoeur; Nishida Kitaro; Continental philosophy & the Kyoto School. 

B.A. from California Baptist University
M.A. Loyola Marymount University  

karolynKarolyn Burns


Critical Race Theory, Black Feminist Thought, Disability Studies 

B.A. University of North Carolina, Charlotte, Philosophy
Certificate as Pharmacy Technician, Central Piedmont Community College; Certificate as a Pharmacy Technician, Pharmacy Technician Certification Board
 PIKSI Alum and MAP Representative

dongAlex Dong


Interests: Phenomenology, Existentialism, Theories of Perception, race as a philosophical subject in the context of Asian Experience, Aristotle, ancient Chinese philosophy.

B.A. University of Oregon
M.A. University of Oregon

meladyMelady Elifritz

She/her or They/them

Interests: Social/Political Philosophy, Applied Ethics, Phenomenology Topics: economies of power, blame, social responsibility, pregnancy and birth

B.A. University of Wisconsin – Madison, Philosophy and Gender & Women’s Studies

elizabethElizabeth Flamm


Interests: Interested in the intersection of social questions of responsibility and political ethics, with individual responsibilities, concepts of subjectivity, and epistemic virtues, especially when considered alongside questions and ideas of moral psychology.

Education: B.A. University of Maryland, College Park Political Science, M.A. Marquette University, Social and Applied Philosophy

Other: Alumni of the Marquette Trinity Fellowship Program (2017)

trevor gTrevor "Dragon-Wolf" Gullion 

Interests: Pragmatism, Marx/Engels, Philosophy of Science, solidarity, political economy, democracy, the State

B.A. San Jose State University, Philosophy
M.A. San Jose State University, Philosophy



Thomas J. Hansbergerthomas

Interests: German Idealism, Phenomenology

B.A. University of Chicago History, Philosophy
M.A. Loyola University – Chicago, Philosophy



IanIan Hosbach


Interests: 20th Century Continental, Social and Political, Post-structuralism, Phenomenology, Affect Theory, Queer Theory, Marxism

B.A. in Philosophy from Appalachian State University
B.S. in Anthropology from Appalachian State University
M.A. in Ethics and Applied Philosophy and Graduate Certificate in Gender, Sexuality, and Women’s Studies from University of North Carolina at Charlotte.

bella-roseBella-Rose Kelly

 She/her/hers or they/them/theirs

Systematic interests: Applied Ethics (esp. microaggression studies); Philosophy of Race, Gender, and Sexuality; Epistemology; Historical interests: 18th & 19th C. German Philosophy (esp. Kant, Fichte, Hegel)

B.A. Philosophy, University of Scranton
B.S. Biochemistry, University of Scranton
M.A. Philosophy, Boston College

Website: Bella-Rose Kelly

sarahSarah Kizuk

Interests: Social/political philosophy; settler colonialism; philosophy of emotion and affect;  moral philosophy; feminist philosophy; early modern 

Education:B.A. Concordia University (Montréal, Canada)
M.A. Memorial University of Newfoundland (Canada)

Website: Sarah Kizuk

Sterling Knoxsterling

Interests: Agency, Responsibility, Decolonial, Philosophy of Culture. Currently working for MISKWAAGAMIIWI – ZAAGAIGANING (Red lake Nation) for Ombimindwaa Gidinawemaaganinaadog as Recidivism Reduction Coordinator in partnership with the BIA’s DIVISION OF DIVERSION AND RE-ENTRY.

Bemidji State University

nickNicholas Korchowsky

Interests: Ethics, Moral Psychology, Subjectivity/Personhood, Phenomenology, and Hermeneutics

B.A. Eastern University near Philadelphia, Philosophy
M.A. Marquette University, Philosophy


Seth Kreegerseth


Interests: Medieval philosophy, Aquinas, Neoplatonism, pseudo-Dionysius, Arabic Philosophy, Avicenna

Associate, Grand Rapids Community College
B.A. Aquinas College in Grand Rapids, MI
M.A. the Dominican School of Philosophy and Theology in Berkeley, CA. 

kevinKevin P. McKevitt


Interests: Metaethics, Ethics, Ethics of Belief, Moral Theology, Ethics and Kierkegaard.  Also, Philosophy of Action, 19th and 20th century existential thought in Sartre, Jaspers, and Kierkegaard


M.A. California State University - San Jose

Website: Kevin McKevitt 


rachelRachel McNealis


Interests: Feminist philosophy, philosophy of sex and love, decolonial philosophy

B.A. of Philosophy Miami University 
M.A. of Philosophy Miami University 


Mehrzad A. Moinmoin


Interests: 19th and 20th Century Continental Philosophy (esp. Nietzsche and Heidegger), Phenomenology, Value Theory (esp. questions pertaining to the nature of finitude)

B.A. in Philosophy from Oklahoma State University
M.A. in Philosophy from Marquette University 

Website: Mehrzad A. Moin

Jorge Montieljorge

Interests: Latinx and Latin American philosophy, Decolonial philosophy, Phenomenology

B.A Northeastern Illinois University, Philosophy, 



Jeremiah Noonanjeremiah

Interests: History of Philosophy and Science, Classics/Ancient Greek Philosophy

B.A. Seattle University, Philosophy, History
M.A. Duquesne University, Philosophy

Rory O'Donnellrory

Interests: Plato, Neoplatonism, Metaphysics, Aquinas

B.A.  Christendom College, Philosophy and Theology
M.A. Loyola Marymount University, Philosophy 



JoshuaJoshua Paruch


Interests: Continental Philosophy, Social and Political Philosophy, Aesthetics, Philosophy of Film and Literature

B.A. University of Pittsburgh, Philosophy
M.A. Duquesne University, Philosophy

pintoAmanda Pinto

They/Them/Theirs or She/Her/Hers

Interests: Social political philosophy, phenomenology, feminist theory, Latina/x feminist phenomenology, queer theory, philosophy of race

B.A. Philosophy, Appalachian State University
B.A. Psychology, Appalachian State University
M.A. Ethics and Applied Philosophy, University of North Carolina at Charlotte
Graduate Certificate in Women’s, Gender, and Sexuality Studies, University of North Carolina at Charlotte

Mariamni Plestedplested


Interests: Phenomenology, philosophy of pregnancy and birth, philosophy of the body, philosophy of health, Byzantine philosophy

M.A. University of Oxford, Theology 
Oxford Brookes University, Midwifery


paulPaul-Herve Quesnel

Interests: Epistemology and Metaphysics, Philosophical psychology, philosophy of teaching & learning

B.A. The Catholic University of America, Philosophy




Bob Riordanriordon

Interests: My philosophical interests include existentialism, philosophy of mind, and ethics. My personal interests include mountain biking, alpine skiing, kayaking, and backpacking

B.A. Saint Olaf College
M.A. University of Chicago



cameronCameron Roman


Interests: Social and Political Thought, Phenomenology, Native American Philosophy, Feminist Theory. Additional Info: Proud PIKSI alum, MAP Representative, Part-time Scholar, Full-time Indigenous

B.A. American University, Philosophy
M.A. American University, Philosophy and Social Policy

Philip Sutherland, S.J.sutherland


Interests: Ancient philosophy, Metaphysics, Philosophy of Consciousness

B.A. Gonzaga University, Chemistry and Religious Studies
M.A. Loyola University Chicago, Philosophy
Boston College, Licentiate in Sacred Theology and Master of Divinity



Nathaniel Taylornate


Interests: Arabic and Latin Medieval Philosophy (esp. Avicenna and Aquinas), Ancient Greek Philosophy (esp. Aristotelian commentators), Metaphysics, Philosophical Theology, History and Philosophy of Science, Philosophy of Language and Logic

B.A. Philosophy, University of Wisconsin - Eau Claire

Recipient of the Raynor Distinguished Fellowship


Dustin Trampedustin


Philosophical Interests: Metaethics, Collective Responsibility, Phenomenology, Kant
Less philosophical interests: spending time with my family, running, learning about history, playing guitar.

M.A. Marquette University, Theology
B.A. University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee Philosophy

domDomonique Turnipseed


Interests: Medieval Philosophy, Philosophy of Religion, History of Metaphysics; History of Race and Religion

B.A. Columbia International University, Humanities
M.A. Columbia International University, Theological Studies
M.A. Biola University , Theological Studies
M.A. Biola University, Philosophy

Website: Domonique Turnipseed

Fun fact:: I spent 6 years living in California and I still don't like avocados

Shaila Wadhwani-Greenhalghshaila


Interests: Post and Decolonial Philosophy, Critical Theory, Continental Philosophy, Marxism and Environmental Philosophy

B.A. University of San Francisco  
MA: SUNY Stony Brook

Website: Shaila Wadhwani-Greenhalgh

John Westbrookjohn w

Interests: Wittgenstein, Ancient Philosophy, Christian Metaphysics, Ethics, History of Philosophy, the boundaries between philosophy and other academic disciplines particularly history, economics, and psychology.

A.A. West Hills Community College, Social Science,
A.G.S. Columbia College of Missouri
B.S. University of Nebraska – Kearney: Business Administration, minors in Economics, Philosophy
B.A. Columbia College of Missouri, History, minor in Psychology
M.A. Marquette University, Philosophy

marisolaMarisola Xhelili Ciaccio

Associate Director of the Education Preparedness Program

Interests: Social and Political Philosophy, Philosophy of Race and Racism

Education: B.A. Skidmore College, Government-Philosophy



E.R. Meeks


Interests: Forgiveness, Suffering, Moral Philosophy, and Applied Ethics.

B. A. Western Carolina University,  Philosophy and Religion
M.Phil. Trinity College Dublin, Conflict Resolution and Reconciliation

Not pictured:

Christian Boyd, Bentley Kennedy-Stone, Kiesha Martin, Robert Powers, and Mark Schulz