Political Science Advisors

Advisors Assignments

Every political science major has an academic advisor who is a full-time departmental faculty member. Students sign up for their advisor with the director of undergraduate studies at the time they declare their majors. Generally, you may request whomever you wish as your advisor; however, if a faculty member already has many advisees, it might be necessary to obtain his or her consent to be your advisor. Students may change their advisors by requesting a meeting with the director of undergraduate studies, Dr. Risa Brooks.

Advising Support

You should see your advisor often, at least once during the semester. Your advisor will help you ensure that you can graduate on time, and can put you in touch with resource persons throughout the campus who can help you deal with any academic or personal problems you may experience. During the pre-registration period late in each semester, you must talk to your advisor about your schedule. Your advisor may have a sign-up sheet posted on his or her door (where you sign your name beside a time slot that is convenient for you) or there may be an electronic system. Please check with your advisor about how best to sign up for advising.