Fourth Annual Undergraduate Psychology Research Symposium

This year's research symposium is taking place virtually on Thursday, May 6th, 2021 from 3:30 pm - 5:00 pm. To join the research symposium @ 3:30 PM, please click here.

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Aiden Ross

Executive Functioning in an ADHD/LD, Concussion, and Typical Sample

Aidan Ross, Sharon Song, Jacob Lesch, Mary Simons, Morgan Nitta, and James Hoelzle

Caitlin Murry

Differences in Self-Report Among ADHD/LD, Concussion and Typical Samples

Caitlin Murry, Brianna Duszynski, Kearnin Van Bortel, Mary Simons, Morgan Nitta, and James Hoelzle

Cooper Bednarczyk

Group Cohesion and Situation Awareness in a Dynamic Decision-Making Task

Cooper Bednarczyk, Ryan Hagan, Camerhon Johnson, Laura Marsicek, Alitza Klapperich, Andrea Coria, Henry Licht, Stephanie Fratila, William Futch, and Stephen J. Guastello

Elise Sledge

Teaching Children with Autism Spectrum Disorder to Answer Questions

Elise Sledge, Tiffany Kodak, Ph.D., Jessi Reidy, and Mary Halbur

Francesca Lambie

Neighborhood Factors and Maternal Depression in Mothers of Mexican Descent

Francesca Lambie and Kimberly D’Anna-Hernandez

Gabriella Marino

APOE ε4 and ERP Intraindividual Variability: Emerging Diagnostic Targets for Alzheimer’s Disease

Gabriella M. Marino, Tristan A. Gregg, Elizabeth R. Paitel, and Kristy A. Nielson

Kim Enrile

Behavioral & Physiological Evidence for Differential Learning of Fear, Safety, & Reward

Kim Enrile, E. Kate Webb, Susan Sangha, and Jacklynn M. Fitzgerald