Value of Marquette

Lasting Value

How do you assess
the value of an education?

At Marquette, our definition of value is simple: an education that prepares you for a fulfilling career and a purposeful life — at an investment that’s one of the lowest in our peer group.

To make sure you get the highest value possible, you’ll learn inside world-class facilities from exceptional faculty. You’ll be surrounded by a supportive, diverse community. You’ll thrive in our faith-based, respectful, deeply caring environment. And you’ll rally together with others around the pillars of our mission: excellence, faith, leadership and service. Ultimately, you’ll experience four exceptional years that will transform you into the truest version of yourself, ready to go out into the world and Be The Difference.


Attend one of the top 100 universities in the country — and get one of the lowest tuition rates.

Marquette ranked 83rd among U.S. News & World Report’s 100 best colleges, with diverse programs and groundbreaking research. Our tuition and fee rate is the fourth lowest among the 57 private universities on the top 100 list.

Enjoy a remarkable ROI.

Marquette is among the top 200 schools named by the Princeton Review as offering the best return on investment with respect to academics, affordability and career preparation.

Step effortlessly into your career right after graduation.

Marquette was ranked 6th in the nation and first in Wisconsin as a best college for job placement, based on Department of Education College Scorecard data as reported in rankings released by The rankings of all undergraduate degree-granting higher education institutions were based on job placement numbers 10 years after graduation.

Positioned to succeed: Discover more of our rankings and recognitions.

Top-Tier Education

A Marquette education
equips you for a meaningful future

We believe that your education should mirror the life you want to come after it, so we’ve designed ours to be fascinating enough to inspire you, challenging enough to push you to your full potential, and brimming with enough opportunities to let you find your true passion.

Best Colleges All Around

World-class facilities, designed for a world-class experience

Across our campus, you’ll find spaces built to serve students and support scholarship. Below are a few examples. Visit us to see them all.

Rendering of the new Marquette Business and Innovation Leadership Program Center

Home to the College of Business Administration, the Graduate School of Management and innovation leadership programs, the Dr. E. J. and Margaret O’Brien Hall opened in early 2023 as a state-of-the-art collaborative center at the heart of campus.

Rendering of the new Lemonis Center for  Student Success

The Lemonis Center for Student Success will provide wraparound services for students to enrich and expand their opportunities from the moment they step on campus until they graduate.

Rendering of the new Wellness + Helfaer Recreation facility

A reimagined, centralized Wellness + Helfaer Recreation facility will be a destination that supports both physical and mental health, bringing together fitness and recreation facilities with the university’s Counseling Center and Medical Clinic.

Engineering Hall

With five floors dedicated to solving complex problems, Engineering Hall is one of the most innovative places to learn to answer the world’s challenges with engineering solutions

Physician Assistant Studies Building

Prepare for clinical life inside the Physician Assistant Studies Building, which includes a full simulation center with a medical suite.

Eckstein Hall

Eckstein Hall welcomes thousands of visitors and guests from the region for lectures, debates, town hall meetings, conferences and research -- serving as a nexus for the interchange of ideas, discussion and debate.

Athletic and Human Performance Research Center

Study elite athletic performance, human performance, rehabilitation, fitness data analytics and other related disciplines at the cutting-edge Athletic and Human Performance Research Center.


Faculty who are both engaged teachers and accomplished scholars

Your teachers will know you by name and take a personal interest in seeing you succeed. They’re also experts in their fields who will connect you with hands-on learning opportunities and other resources to help you advance your studies.

Research for the greater good

At Marquette, we practice Research in Action, which means distinctive research and scholarship that emphasizes innovation and aligns with our call to Be The Difference. We offer undergraduates extensive opportunities to get involved with research, across every college and university-wide.

Hands-on learning that takes you from theory to practice

While what you’ll do inside the classroom is important, outside of it is where you’ll really hone your life skills. From clinical placements and co-ops to service learning projects and internships, we make sure you have plenty of possibilities when it comes to getting out in the field.

Welcoming Community

Open to all,
and here for a lifetime

We're a home away from home for just over 11,550 undergraduate and graduate students from nearly every state and 68 countries. Add in faculty and staff, and you have a network of people who will expand your perspective, push you to be better, and be there whenever you need a friend. And these bonds are strong — you'll count on the connections you make at Marquette for years to come.

Two young men having lunch in the Commons cafeteria.

Focus on diversity

We are open to all who share our mission and seek truth both in the world and inside themselves. Our student body is its most diverse ever, with 27% of students identifying as students of color.

Hispanic-Serving Institution

We've made excellent progress on our journey to become a Hispanic Serving Institution, which requires an undergraduate population that's at least 25% Hispanic and at least half of those students qualifying as low-income.

Students walking by a mural on campus
Students walking on campus

First-gen students

First-generation college students are an integral part of our student body – 1 in 5 Marquette students are first generation.

International students

We welcome over 700 international students to campus every year, enriching our culture with a variety of voices.

Two girls walking, one wearing a headscarf.
Alumni at a networking event

Peers and alumni network

As a Marquette student, you'll become part of a community that extends well past the boundaries of campus. Marquette has over 115,000 alumni and over 40 alumni clubs that link students and alumni in one powerful worldwide network.

You’ll be able to connect to alumni in a variety of ways, including the award-winning Marquette Mentors program that matches students with an alumni mentor to help them prepare and launch their career.

Our community, out in the community

Our welcoming nature isn’t limited to campus. As men and women with and for others, we’re committed to serving those around us. You’ll find hundreds of ways to do just that through our student volunteer organizations.

Students pouring dirt from a wheelbarrow

Faith-Based Approach

The search for and
sharing of knowledge

Being a Catholic, Jesuit university means asking big questions, reflecting deeply on the answers, and relentlessly pursuing the truth. And because Catholicism at its best seeks to be inclusive, we are open to all who share our mission. We welcome and benefit enormously from the diversity of seekers within our ranks, even as we freely choose and celebrate our own Catholic identity.

St. Joan of Arc Chapel

Though it is by far the oldest structure in Milwaukee, the Gothic St. Joan of Arc Chapel, which dates to the early 15th century, is more than a curiosity. It is the heart of this Catholic, Jesuit university community. It is a place of community, especially in times of joy and sorrow. It has been the site of emotional candlelit vigils and of political protests. It draws people of all backgrounds and faiths. The Chapel hosts regular Masses that often test the capacity of the diminutive structure.

Catholic Masses each week

Marquette becomes the
first Catholic university to allow
women to attend alongside men


Sacred spaces across campus

Catholic Masses each week

Marquette becomes the first
Catholic university to allow
women to attend alongside men


Sacred spaces across campus

Other faiths on campus

Guided by our mission’s call to meet the diverse spiritual needs and interests of Marquette’s students, our Campus Ministry is committed to support the faith/spiritual growth of all students, foster community and create safe, inclusive spaces for engaging in interfaith dialogue and activities.

Why faith is important

As one of the four pillars of Marquette’s mission, faith is a guiding principle for the university. By virtue of what we believe as a Catholic, Jesuit university, we aspire toward excellence, lead with vision, and serve in fidelity to the principles of justice and love.

Unifying Mission

Everything we do is
part of something bigger

At Marquette, our mission shapes our actions and gives meaning to their outcomes. United by our mission, we work side by side to make the world a better place.

Lovell talking with students

Mission, guiding values

Marquette University is a Catholic, Jesuit university dedicated to serving God by serving our students and contributing to the advancement of knowledge. Our mission, therefore, is the search for truth, the discovery and sharing of knowledge, the fostering of personal and professional excellence, the promotion of a life of faith, and the development of leadership expressed in service to others. All this we pursue for the greater glory of God and the common benefit of the human community.

You’ll often hear these four pillars of our mission spoken together:

  • Excellence
  • Faith
  • Leadership
  • Service

Explore our full mission, vision and guiding values.

Community member receiving medical treatment from a student

Men and women with and for others

In all our programs, we strive to develop men and women who will dedicate their lives to the service of others, and who will play an active role in creating a more just society. We expect everyone at Marquette, regardless of their faith tradition, to give in some way to those in need.

Cura Personalis

It’s a Latin term that means care for the whole person. It also means you'll be cared for as an individual here, whatever challenges you face.

St. Ignatius

Transformational Experience

You, totally transformed

The experience you’ll have at Marquette will be nothing short of transformational. During your time here, you’ll be challenged to push your boundaries to lead and serve, to hone your mind and open your heart. You’ll develop into an agile thinker, a fearless leader, a spirited dreamer and an effective doer — fully prepared to, in the spirit of St. Ignatius and Father Jacques Marquette, go and set the world on fire.

Part of your transformational experience will come from taking on equal amounts of learning and doing. Here are some of the ways you’ll dig in:

The study abroad experience

From Madrid to Manila, Marquette sends 30% of students abroad across our 80+ partnerships around the world!

Research with faculty as an undergraduate

As an R2 research institution, Marquette is dedicated to Research in Action, and 21% of undergraduates participate in faculty and staff-led research projects outside of class.

Participation in living/learning communities

25% of undergraduates participate in learning community/formal programs where students take two or more classes together.

Service learning

We train students to be women and men for and with others, both during college and after. About 80% of undergraduates participate in community service at Marquette, whether as a part of a class, with a student organization or on their own.


Experiential learning is essential to a Marquette education, with 75% of students participating in an internship experience in the field. *Includes co-op, student teaching, practicum, field placement and clinical placement.

Capstone experiences

Culminating academic experiences are available to complete or enhance your Marquette education, with 45% of students participating in capstones, senior design projects or senior experiences.

Five-year advanced degree programs

Accelerate your education and earn an undergraduate and graduate degree in just five years – we nicknamed it the “Faster Master’s.” Marquette offers 30 five-year programs available in several disciplines.

Students working in a computer lab.