Campus Living Portal

Log into the Campus Living portal through Checkmarq

In Checkmarq, click on the Housing tab in your Student Center to enter Campus Living.

The Campus Living portal allows students to manually complete housing tasks throughout their college career: paying deposits, selecting residence halls and apartments, adding meal plans, etc.

Students will use the Campus Living portal to book an apartment during the Apartment Selection Process.  Prior to doing so, students must submit a deposit to the University Apartments office - which can be completed through Campus Living.  Finally, students use Campus Living to sign their lease for the University Apartments.


Step-by-Step Guides

Deposit Payment

Apartment Availability

Apartment Selection

Please review the following when completing Apartment Selection Tasks in Campus Living.  Please note that Campus Living uses multiple windows; it is best to disable the pop-up blocker on your browser prior to logging into the portal.

Additionally, the Campus Living portal landing page has multiple sections, corresponding to students' class level (e.g. freshman, sophomore, etc.).  Please ensure that you are selecting options under the University Apartments section.


Deposit Payment

During Apartment Selection, one of the options under University Apartments header will be "Pay Deposit."  Clicking on this link will open a new window.  There are two options for paying a deposit through Campus Living:

  • Electronic Payment - (ACH) - this option will require your bank routing and account numbers.
  • Debit/Credit Card - (CC) - this option requires your credit/debit card information and is subject to a processing fee of $7.50.

Students who wish to pay in person may bring a check or money order to the University Apartments office.

1. Click on "Pay Deposit" under the University Apartments section of the Campus Living portal.

2. In the new screen, select your payment option from the drop down menu: E-Payment (ACH) or Credit/Debit card (CC).  Click on "Next Step."

3. The next screen will summarize your payment.  Click on "Make Payment."

4. In the new screen, enter your account information, then click "Continue."

5. In the next screen, review the terms of the payment, then click "Accept Terms."

6. In the next screen, ensure that all your personal information is correct, then click "Continue."

7. On the final screen, review all the payment details, then click "Submit" to complete your payment.

(Click here for general information on the apartment deposit).


Apartment Availability

Throughout the process, students are able to monitor apartment availability through the "View Available Rooms" section of Campus Living.  This is updated in real time.

1. Click on "View Available Rooms" under the University Apartments section of the Campus Living portal.

2. Use the dropdown menus to search for a specific room type (all fields optional):

  • Building - view available units in a particular building
  • Room Type - view specific room types in a particular building (e.g. Campus Town East studios)
  • Bed Spaces Available - view the apartments that can accommodate your specific roommate group size

3. After narrowing your search, results can be viewed by selecting a building; click on a building to view the specific availability in next frame.  (The arrows to the left of the building name can be used to expand/collapse the various communities).

4. Search results are displayed in the next frame; showing building, building code, apartment number, and total capacity.  For example:

Campus Town East

CE-0247 (4 available)

(This is a two-bedroom apartment that can fit 2-4 people).

(Please review the details of apartment capacity here).

Please remember that apartment availability will continually change as current residents re-select or switch apartments, and as new applicants select apartment during the general selection process.


Apartment Selection

Selecting a specific apartment is very similar to searching for availability, but there are a number of additional steps to take to add roommates and correctly book an apartment.  

The Campus Living Website uses in-frame navigation buttons, such as “Next Step,” “Previous Step,” “Release Lock,” etc.  Please use these buttons to move forward or backward during the Apartment Selection Process.  We do not recommend using your browser’s navigation buttons.

1. Click on "Apartment Selection" under the University Apartments section of the Campus Living portal.

2. Roommate Selection

  • If you are planning to book an apartment with roommates, you need to add them in advance of choosing an apartment.
  • Do not try to assign yourself as your own roommate.
  • To add a Roommate:
    • Click on the green “+” button
    • Enter your roommate’s MUID (aka University ID) or first and last name
      • Do not use the "RMS ID" field
    • Click “Search”
    • Enter your roommate’s MUID as “Roommate Group PIN”
    • Click “Select” to add them to your roommate group
    • Repeat for additional roommates (if applicable)

3. Search and Select an Apartment

  • Use the dropdown menus to search for a specific room type (all fields optional).

4. After narrowing your search, results can be viewed by selecting a building; click on a building to view the specific availability in the neighboring frame.  (The arrows to the left of the building name can be used to expand/collapse the various buildings).

5. To select a room, click on the yellow lock button to the right.

6. Current Locks / Assign Bedspaces

  • You must assign yourself, your roommates (if applicable), and any buyouts (if applicable) to a bedspace.  Use MUIDs to search for your roommates.
  • Please review “Bedspace Selection." This guide provides detailed information that can greatly aid in completing this step appropriately.

7. Lock Status / Confirmation

  • This screen will show your apartment and bedspace assignment and that of any roommates.
  • You may see each roommate listed twice. This is normal and corresponds to the fall and spring semesters.
    • Please note that once again this is only a placeholder; your actual lease length will be determined at the time of lease signing. (Please see “Lease Length” for more details).

8. Click on "Finish" to finalize your booking.