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Spring 2021

Marquette Climate Study
Wednesday, May, 19 3:00 p.m.

As a Catholic, Jesuit university, Marquette has a unique responsibility as a community to care for one another, and the regular assessment of that environment can only serve to enhance our possibilities for realizing our mission. The university completed its first climate study in 2015, guided by a team of administration, faculty, students and staff called the Campus Climate Study Working Group, as well as an external consultant, Rankin & Associates.

In 2020, Marquette conducted its second study with a campus wide survey in February 2020 coordinated by the Campus Climate Study Working Group. This presentation will discuss key findings from the study as well as give Student Affairs and Campus Ministry the opportunity to process the findings through their various professional and disciplinary lenses with the goal of  generating new ideas to improve the quality of life for everyone at Marquette.

More information about Marquette’s Climate Study is online.


"Just Talk" series
Thursdays, Noon-1pm | 2/11/21 | 3/11/21 | 4/8/21 | 5/6/21

Opportunity for Student Affairs and Campus Ministry to get together and talk about ways we can be the difference for our students, campus, and the community.  Bring your ideas and discussion items to the table. This space is for education, collaboration, problem solving and action.

Agenda items may be determined in advance of each meet-up, depending upon attendance and suggestions from attendees.

  • 3/11 Supervising and advising students: sharing experiences and best practices
  • 4/8 Accessibility: ideas for increasing access to programs and services

Student Wellbeing During the Pandemic: What We Know and How We Respond
Jan. 20, 2021

Much has been said about how college students are navigating the pandemic, having to adjust to new ways of learning and engaging outside the classroom, and there’s been concern over students’ wellbeing (emotional, spiritual, social, academic, physical and other). We’ve all heard anecdotally about how students are faring during the pandemic or we’ve read articles that note how students are less engaged, failing to make connections, and have experienced more anxiety and depression, but what do we actually know about students’ experiences the past semester?

In this session, the Office of Institutional Research and Analysis presented data from the student surveys they conducted through the fall 2020 semester. Preliminary data from the Wellbeing Collaborative survey, in which Marquette participated this fall, was also presented.

Resources for student wellbeing:

Fall 2020

Civic Engagement: Understanding Contexts and Helping Students Get Involved
Oct. 15, 2020 

  • Dr. Amber Wichowsky, Associate Professor of Political Science, discussed campaigns, elections, public opinion, and voter turnout. (9-9:20)
  • Dr. Julia Azari Associate Professor of Political Science, discussed political parties and ideologies, focusing on recent debates among scholars about what drives party polarization.
  • Steve Blaha, Campus Ministry, discussed discernment as related to vocation to be people with/for others, social justice and providing some tools to help students understand how/where they are called into civic spheres. (9:40 -10:00 a.m.)

Identity Conscious Supervision in Student Affairs
Oct. 1, 2020 | View recording

Student Affairs professionals often supervise at some point in their career, but rarely receive training around supervision and management. Professional development often focuses on skill building in functional areas yet often ignores the lived experiences of bias and hostility in the workplace. This session will feature one of the authors of Identity-Conscious Supervision in Student Affairs, who will share a new conceptual framework for identity-conscious supervision. This model gives practitioners a strategic approach to engage in self-work, identity exploration, relationship building, consciousness raising, trust development, and organizational change, ultimately helping practitioners become more adept at supervising people from a range of backgrounds and experiences.

Presenter bio: Robert Brown (he, him, his) serves as the Director of Social Justice Education at Northwestern University in Evanston, IL, where he leads several curricular and co-curricular social justice education initiatives. Robert holds a BS in Finance and Community Service Studies from DePaul University, MA in Student Affairs Administration from Michigan State University, and is currently pursuing a PhD in Higher Education Leadership at Colorado State University. Robert’s research interests explore topics related to equity and inclusion in higher education; faculty development and critical pedagogy; and identity-conscious supervision and management. Rob has presented and facilitated regionally and nationally on topics related to social justice education, racial justice, inclusive pedagogy, identity-conscious supervision, assessment & evaluation, college men & masculinities, and civic engagement. Most recently, he co-authored Identity-Conscious Supervision in Student Affairs: Building Relationship & Transforming Institutions, which was published by Routledge. Rob works diligently to bring his professional experiences, research interests, and passion for social justice to life through his work as a social justice educator always seeking to create space for community building, healing, and liberation.

Spring 2020

How to Support Student Remotely
April 23, 2020

As professionals we have all given considerable thought about the best ways to offer support to students as they transition to remote learning. Some may feel confused, overwhelmed, disconnected and uncertain about the future. The sudden shifts to remote learning add to the existing stressors of everyday life —pressure to perform well, social media, finances, grief, etc. We don't have all the answers about the future, but what do we say? How do we walk with them along this journey? What resources should we highlight when they share their concerns about themselves and their family?

DSA's Dr. Debbie Contreras-Tadych - Counseling Center Counselor and Courtney Vosmaer, CARE Team Case Manager will share examples, resources and tools that focus on building your ability to support students with compassion when you can’t be with them in person.

Working toward Equity and Justice for Students who Identify as Latinx
with Dr. Gina Garcia
February 20, 2020

This training engaged participants in thinking more critically about what it actually means to move from Latinx-enrolling to Latinx-serving with discussion of Marquette’s space as an emerging Jesuit HSI. The discussion will speak to the complications of being Latinx-serving and how a focus on antiracism and social justice also serves other minoritized student groups including students who identify as low income or African American. Participants will be asked to assess Marquette’s current identity and reflect on their ideal identity using Garcia’s (2017) Typology of HSI Organizational Identities.

President’s Taskforce on the Impact of Alcohol and Other Drugs on the Marquette Community
February 13, 2020

Presentation by members of the Steering Committee on the results and recommendations of the President’s Taskforce on the Impact of Alcohol and Other Drugs on the Marquette Community with discussion of next steps.


Fall 2019

What Higher Education Professionals Need to Know about Gen Z Students
Presenter: Erik Albinson, Director of Marquette University’s Student Educational Services
September 26, 2019
Note: Click the image to download the presnetation slides.
Powerpoint slides from event

Spring 2018

Marquette’s First Generation College Students: Optimizing their Likelihood of Success
Presenter: Dr. Zebulun Davenport
February 16, 2018


Fall 2017

Nutrition & College: Supporting Your Students for Success
Presenter: Tatiana Castellino; MS; Registered Dietitian
November 14, 2017


Other professional development opportunities on campus

If you have professional development opportunities you'd like to add to this list, please contact Jennifer Reid.