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Dr. Alexandre A. Martins

Alexandre A. Martins
Dr. Alexandre A. MartinsMarquette University

Marquette Hall, 330

MilwaukeeWI53201United States of America
(414) 288-3165
Curriculum Vitae

Assistant Professor

Theology Department (Theological Ethics)

Alexandre A. Martins (Ph.D. Marquette University, 2017, Post-Doctorate University of Coimbra, 2019), specializes in health care ethics and social ethics, especially in the areas of public health, global health, Catholic social teaching, and liberation theology. He is also a scholar in philosophy of religion, specialized in the work of French philosopher Simone Weil. His scholarship has been broad. He has engaged in ethics, theology, and health care through a dialogue with anthropology, philosophy, epidemiology, and medical science, especially engaging with marginalized voices and addressing issues from the perspective of the poor.

Throughout his academic and activist life, he has acted as an advocate for universal health care coverage through grassroots and social movements as well as through his scholarship and publications. He is deeply engaged in bioethics and public health through social movements organized from marginalized communities, including a time when he served the Brazilian Bishops’ Conference as an adviser on issues of bioethics and pastoral care. Through humanitarian organizations and academic projects, he has also served in areas marked by poverty and lack of adequate health care assistance, such as Brazil, Bolivia and Haiti. These activities are projects in global health that he has developed with partners and committed to Catholic values, diversity and the empowerment of the poor.

His work and publications have international recognition. He has spoken in conferences and led seminars in different countries, especially as a visiting scholar at Saint Camillus University in São Paulo, Brazil and at Camillianum - Istituto Internazionale di Teologia Pastorale Sanitaria of Pontifical Lateran University in Rome, Italy. He also serves on Planning Committee of Catholic Theological Ethics in the World Church and is a very active member of Brazilian Society of Moral Theology.

Courses Taught

  • Health Care Ethics
  • Bioethics
  • Theological Ethics
  • Social Ethics
  • Global Health
  • Liberation Theology
  • Simone Weil

Research Interests

Currently, his research interests focus on Catholic social ethics and health care ethics with special concentration in public and global health. One of his current projects is: Community Participation in Public Health Decision-Making and Human Rights: Neoliberal Policies and Universal Health Care Coverage in Brazil.


He has published several articles and books, selected publications are:

The Cry of the Poor: Liberation Ethics and Justice in Health Care (Lanham, MD.: Lexington Books, 2020)

Introdução à Cristologia Latino-Americana: Cristologia no Encontro com a Realidade Pobre e Plural da América Latina (São Paulo: Paulus, 2014).

A Pobreza e a Graça: Experiência de Deus em Meio ao Sofrimento em Simone Weil (São Paulo: Paulus, 2013).

Bioética, Saúde e Vulnerabilidade: Em Defesa da Dignidade dos Vulneráveis (São Paulo: Paulus, 2012).

“Ética Social Católica e Saúde Pública: Em Busca de uma Bioética Libertadora” in Perspectiva Teológica 51, no. 3 (Sept./Dec. 2019): 461-480.

“From Vatican II to Amoris Laetitia: The Catholic Social and Sexual Ethics Division and a Way of Ecclesial Interconnection” in Fronteiras 2, no. 2 (July/Dec. 2019): 69-89.

“Simone Weil’s Radical Ontology of Rootedness: Natural and Supernatural Justice” in Praxis: An Interdisciplinary Journal of Faith and Justice (Online Frist, Dec. 10, 2019).

“The Leftist Political Parties in Light of Simone Weil’s Criticism: The Workers’ Party Care” in Síntese: Revista de Filosofia 46, no. 145 (May/August 2019): 283-300.

Laudato Si’: Integral Ecology and Preferential Option for the Poor” in Journal of Religious Ethics 43, no. 3 (2018): 410-424.

“Diálogo: Antigo e Novo Desafio para a Ética Teológica no Brasil” in Hacia una Ética de Participación y Esperanza: Congreso Latinoamericado de Ética Teologica, ed. Emilce Cuda (Bogotá: Universidad Javeriana Press, 2017), 160-200.

“Immigration and Vulnerable Bodies: Migrants and Health Risks in Brazil” in Living With(out) Borders: Catholic Theological Ethics on the Migrations of Peoples, ed. Agnes M. Brazal and Maria Teresa Davila (Marykroll: Orbis Books, 2016), 91-100.

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