Faculty Directory

Dr.  Allison L. Abbott Dr. Allison L. Abbott Associate Professor, Functional Analysis of MicroRNA Genes during C. elegans development
allison.abbott@marquette.edu (414) 288-4422
Dr.  Deanna  Arble Dr. Deanna Arble Assistant Professor, Sleep, Circadian Rhythms, and Metabolism
deanna.arble@marquette.edu (414) 288-7518
Dr.  Edward  Blumenthal Dr. Edward Blumenthal Associate Professor, Associate Dean for Research and Graduate Affairs, Epithelial barrier development
edward.blumenthal@marquette.edu (414) 288-6270
Dr.  Thomas  Eddinger Dr. Thomas Eddinger Professor, Director of Undergraduate Studies, Smooth muscle function
thomas.eddinger@marquette.edu (414) 288-1483
Dr.  Tony  Gamble Dr. Tony Gamble Assistant Professor, Evolutionary Biology
anthony.gamble@marquette.edu (414) 288-1476
Dr.  Krassi R. Hristova Dr. Krassi R. Hristova Associate Professor, Biology Honors Program Director, Microbial ecology of fresh water ecosystems, antimicrobial resistance
krassimira.hristova@marquette.edu (414) 288-5120
Dr.  Louise  Kessler Dr. Louise Kessler Visiting Assistant Professor, Biological Sciences
louise.kessler@marquette.edu (414) 288-1478
Dr.  Joe A. LaManna Dr. Joe A. LaManna Assistant Professor, Community and population ecology
joseph.lamanna@marquette.edu (414) 288-1475
Dr.  Nathan  Lemoine Dr. Nathan Lemoine Assistant Professor, Trophic Ecology/Quantitative Ecology
nathan.lemoine@marquette.edu (414) 288-1482
Dr.  Sukanya  Lodh Dr. Sukanya Lodh Visiting Assistant Professor, Biological Sciences
sukanya.lodh@marquette.edu (414) 288-1481
Dr.  James  Maki Dr. James Maki Professor, Microbial ecology
james.maki@marquette.edu (414) 288-7311
Dr.  Anita  Manogaran Dr. Anita Manogaran Assistant Professor, Protein misfolding and prion biology
anita.manogaran@marquette.edu (414) 288-4580
Dr.  Chris W. Marshall Dr. Chris W. Marshall Assistant Professor, Applied and Environmental Microbiology
christopher.marshall@marquette.edu (414) 288-1698
Dr.  Michelle  Mynlieff Dr. Michelle Mynlieff Professor, Chair, Ion channels and neuronal function
michelle.mynlieff@marquette.edu (414) 288-1467
Dr.  Stuart  Nielsen Dr. Stuart Nielsen Visiting Assistant Professor, Biological Sciences
Dr.  Lisa  Petrella Dr. Lisa Petrella Assistant Professor, Regulation of development and function under temperature stress in C. elegans
lisa.petrella@marquette.edu (414) 288-7366
Dr.  Carmel G. Ruffolo Dr. Carmel G. Ruffolo Research Associate Professor/Associate Vice President for Research and Innovation
carmel.ruffolo@marquette.edu (414) 288-1532
Dr.  Michael  Schläppi Dr. Michael Schläppi Professor, Cold tolerance and flowering time regulation in plants
michael.schlappi@marquette.edu (414) 288-1480
Dr.  Stefan  Schnitzer Dr. Stefan Schnitzer Mellon Distinguished Professor, Plant community ecology/tropical forest ecology
S1@mu.edu (414) 288-1485
Dr.  Martin  St. Maurice Dr. Martin St. Maurice Associate Professor, Director of Graduate Studies, Structural biology and enzymology
martin.stmaurice@marquette.edu (414) 288-2087
Dr.  Rosemary  Stuart Dr. Rosemary Stuart Professor, Biogenesis and regulation of OXPHOS complexes
rosemary.stuart@marquette.edu (414) 288-1472
Dr.  Pinfen  Yang Dr. Pinfen Yang Wehr Distinguished Professor, Control of flagellar motility
pinfen.yang@marquette.edu (414) 288-5663
Dr.  Jennifer M. Zaspel Dr. Jennifer M. Zaspel Adjunct Associate Professor of Biology, Systematics and Evolution of Insects
zaspelj@mpm.edu (414) 278-6158

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Faculty Directory

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