Summary of Facts about the Program

Length: 36 Months

Enrolling first Class: June 2016

Enrollment: 2 residents per year, 6 resident total

Program offers: Certificate and Master of Science

Program time devoted to each area:

Biomedical Sciences          20%

Clinical Sciences                65%

Teaching                              5%

Research                             8%

Other (Anesthesia)            2%

Application Requirements

1. This year we will be using the - ADEA PASS - application process.

2. Selection of residents will be made with the Match.

3. Selected residents will then submit materials to be accepted by the graduate school.


Graduation is dependent on receiving a master’s degree through the graduate school which involves an original research project and specified thesis requirements appropriate for this Master’s degree.

Tayebi Research Group at Marquette University School of Dentistry with interest in interdisciplinary research in bio and nano materials including bone and periodontal tissue engineering.