COVID Innovation Contest

COVID-19 has drastically changed our learning environments. Common spaces usually bustling with group activities are restricted to individual work, labs have less energy and collaboration, classrooms are masked up, virtual meetings are inorganic, and students, faculty, and staff are isolated. Let's proactively rise to the challenge: How do we actively and collaboratively learn while remaining safe in the COVID-19 world? 

The solution pathways – virtual, physical, or psychological – are endless. Your ideas are needed!

  • The Format
  • The Timeline
  • The Participants  
  • The Stakes
  • The Support

The participants must register by Tuesday, October 13.

The event kick-offs on Wednesday, October 14 with messages from our community reminding us why we strive to “Be The Difference”. The exact challenge prompt will be revealed at the kick-off. All meetings and gatherings will take place virtually.

Teams have four days to create a solution for the challange. A preliminary review of ideas will be held on Friday, October 15. On Sunday, October 18, teams will pitch their solutions to a panel of expert judges.

  • Register by Tuesday, October 13
  • Kick-off: Wednesday, October 14
  • Open office hours to check-in or ask questions: Thursday and Friday, October 15-16
  • Final pitch: Sunday, October 18
  • Deployment (selected solutions): Spring 2021

Good ideas come from everyone!

Participants can form a team with a maxium of 10 people. At least one team member must be affiliated with Marquette as a student, faculty or staff member, or an alumni. 

Cool and exciting prizes will be awarded during the event!

Teams who develop the with top solutions will receive cash prizes. Total prize money available is $5,000 or more.

Select teams with immediately actionable solutions will be invited to create and deploy their designs for use in the Spring 2021 semester.

Phone-a-friend. A team of academics, industry-members, and legal experts will be available for the teams to consult with throughout the event.

The detailed list of these "friends" will be published after kick-off on October 14.