Research in ACTION Pilot Faculty Leadership Program

Advancing Collaborative Teams: Inclusive Opportunities Network

Ever thought about how to develop a research center or institute? Interested in creating a space for multi-disciplinary research scholars to flourish? Want to learn how grassroots, faculty-led research hubs, initiatives, and teams of all sizes can come to fruition and flourish? Join us for the Research in ACTION (Advancing Collaborative Teams: Inclusive Opportunities Network) pilot program this year!  We are seeking faculty volunteers to join the fall 2021 Research in ACTION pilot planning team as well participants for our pilot Spring 2022 program.

The planning team will meet during Fall 2021, bringing together faculty who have experience in leading complex larger-scale research efforts (such as centers, institutes, collaborations involving multiple partner institutions, etc.) to discuss your perceptions of challenges and barriers at Marquette as well as strategies for success and opportunities that you have found to be of value in building complex research teams or initiatives.  Together we will prioritize topics and plan the programming for the Spring 2022 pilot program. 

The spring semester Research in ACTION pilot program will be open to interested Marquette faculty.  Participants will meet monthly and provide feedback on the programming so that we can further refine the Research in ACTION activities to best serve the campus community.  We will also collaborate with the Committee on Research in aligning the program activities with the final COR process for creating Research Communities.

See this document for more information.  Please indicate your interest in serving on the planning team or in participating during the Spring 2022 pilot program by filling out the form below by November 5, 2021.  Feel free to contact Lucas Torres, Office of Research and Innovation Faculty Fellow if you have any questions (

  • For faculty interested in serving on the planning team, please fill out this form.
  • For faculty interested in participating in the Spring 2022 pilot program, please fill out this form.