Learning Object Repository

Learning Objects are digital materials (videos, websites, interactive tutorials) with defined instructional value that can be used in a variety of ways to improve teaching and learning.

The ability to share quality teaching materials, targeting specific and known instructional goals, can help develop an excellent teaching curriculum more quickly. Learners benefit from the ability to repeat an activity as many times as required to gain a full understanding of a concept.

The learning objects in this repository were created by the Raynor Memorial Libraries in collaboration with various faculty across campus.

  • Database Specific Learning Objects
    These tutorials demonstrate how to utilize specific databases the Raynor Memorial Libraries subscribe too.

  • Information Literacy Learning Objects
    Librarians prepare active learning sessions tailored to a specific assignment or information literacy competencies such as research strategies, critical thinking skills, print and online research sources. These tutorials are compliments to classroom instruction and can be used by faculty to reiterate key points about the research process.

  • Subject Specific Learning Objects
    The learning objects in this section where created to meet an educational need for a particular course or specific subject area. Interested in partnering with library to collaborate on a learning object? Please contact your subject liaison.
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