Exhibit: Ex Libris: Bookplates from the Raynor Library Collections

SEPTEMBER 2023—Now on display online and in person is the exhibit, "Ex Libris: Bookplates from the Raynor Library Collections." Satisfying visually and tactile-wise, bookplates are also catnip for those who relish puzzling out who might once have owned a book in hand. Common in the late 19th and early 20th centuries, these squares of paper were glued inside a book's front cover. They displayed the owner’s name and, often, decorative illustrations. Found now, sometimes a full century later, they delight with not only their unique artistry but also their fascinating clues to the sometimes celebrated, sometimes unknown stories of their erstwhile book owners. 

Many of the secondhand books in Raynor Library's collections are peppered with fascinating bookplates. A new hybrid exhibit curated by Kerry Olivetti is bringing these modest gems to light: Ex Libris: Booplates from the Raynor Library Collections

Black bookplate decorated with a stylized illustration of a graceful white gazelle with the wording Ex Libris James G Wingo above and below Light green bookplate with "Albert and Ann Noyes Their Book" hand-lettered at the center. White bookplate with a printed black illustration of a thicket of flowers receding toward the horizon, with a path along it. Mountains in the background. French text is printed in a banner above, and Elizabeth Steele is printed on a banner below.