Foundations in Wisconsin - Ordering Information

The 39th edition of Foundations in Wisconsin: A Directory (published Fall 2020) is available for purchase. If you would like an order form sent to you via mail or fax, please call (414) 288-1515. Or, you can also print out an order form right now! Consult the prices below to correctly fill out the order form. If you are purchasing the Online Edition, you should familiarize yourself with the system requirements. Also, you must sign the order form stating that you agree to the terms and conditions in the license agreement if you do purchase the online version.

The following prices are for the 39th edition for both Print (book) and Online (web-based) formats. Prices include sales tax when applicable, but they do not include postage charges. Postage charges ($3.00) are listed separately.


Foundations in Wisconsin Price Structure

Print Edition
Standard Price
*Nonprofit Price

Price = $77.00
Price = $62.00

Tax = $4.30
Tax = $0.00

Total = $81.30
Total = $62.00

Online Edition
Standard Price
*Nonprofit Price

Online Only
Price = $200.00
Price = $155.00

(Book not included)
Tax = $11.20
Tax = $0.00

Total = $211.20
Tax = $155.00

Online & Book Package
Price = $233.00
Price = $185.00

Tax = $13.05                                                                                      
Tax = $0.00

Total = $246.05
Total = $185.00

*You must register your Wisconsin sales tax exemption number (ES#) with us to receive the discounted nonprofit price.

For each copy of the Print Edition that you would like mailed to you, please include $3.00 postage.

For each copy of the Online & Book Package that you would like mailed to you, please include $3.00 postage.

If you are ordering the Online Edition, you must read and sign the license agreement that comes with the order form. The Online Edition subscription is for one (1) year.

All orders must be pre-paid. Payment must be by check if mailed, or check or cash if picked up in person. (Credit Card payment not accepted.)

Orders can be sent to:

Funding Information Center
Raynor Memorial Libraries
1355 W. Wisconsin Ave
P.O. Box 3141
Milwaukee WI 53201-3141

Please make checks payable to "Marquette University".

Click here for contact information.