Foundations in Wisconsin Online - FAQs

1. How do I order or renew a subscription to Foundations in Wisconsin Online? Can I use a credit card?

To order the database, click here to order by credit card or click here to print off an order form that can be filled out and mailed (along with a check payable to Marquette University) to:
The Funding Information Center
Raynor Memorial Libraries
PO Box 3141
Milwaukee, WI, 53201-3141.
For current subscribers, renewal letters are sent 8 weeks prior to expiration.

The Nonprofit discounted price is $155 for a year’s subscription. The standard for-profit price is $211. Click here for more subscription information.

2.  Can I change my login information after I begin my subscription?

Yes, in fact we recommend changing your login any time you have a change in personnel. To change the login, you can call the Funding Information Center at 414-288-1515 or email Mary Frenn at

3.  Can I share my password with others?

Usernames and passwords can only be shared with authorized members of your organization, such as employees, officers and/or directors. Sharing this information with those outside of your institution is a violation of the license agreement.

4.  Can more than one person in my organization use the account? If so, from where?

You can have up to 2 simultaneous users in the database at one time. The database can be used anywhere you have web access: office, home, library, etc.

5.  Can I get Internet Protocol or IP access for my institution?

Yes! Just call the Funding Information Center at 414-288-1515 or email Mary Frenn at with the IP numbers.

6.  What types of foundations are profiled?

The directory includes private, corporate, and community foundations registered in Wisconsin.

7.  What information is provided in the foundation profiles?

Content depends on the accessibility of data. If available, profile elements include the following: foundation name, address, phone, email, web address, officers and directors, establishment date, donors, financial information (assets, grants) purpose statements, geographic focus, application procedures, deadlines, sample grants, and interest areas.

8.  How frequently is the data uploaded?

New data is uploaded on a monthly basis.

9.  Where does the information for Foundations in Wisconsin Online profiles come from?

Most data is drawn from IRS 990-PF tax returns filed by foundations. Additional information is obtained from surveys, foundation websites, and annual reports.

10.  In the application procedures, I sometimes see “Does not accept unsolicited request for funds.” What does that mean?

It means that the foundation checked a box on their 990-PF tax return that states that the organization “only makes contributions to preselected charitable organizations and does not accept unsolicited requests for funds." If this box is checked, the foundation may not be a good prospect for grant funding.

11.  If I have any questions about the database or have trouble logging in, what should I do?

We welcome your comments, suggestions, or questions. If you are wondering how to search for or interpret the information found in Foundations in Wisconsin Online, or if you encounter any issues logging in (forget your password or have a hung connection) please contact us at 414-288-1515 or email Mary Frenn at