Current research topics include solid mechanics, stress analysis, numerical analysis, robotics, kinematics, impedance design, geometric modeling, automated assembly, dynamic systems measurement and control, modeling of vehicle systems, human/machine interaction, biomechanics of motion, modeling and analysis of deforming processing, shell structures, finite element analysis and modeling, composite and polymeric materials, and surface finishing processes.


Research Specializations

Dr. Jonahan Fleischmann Computational mechanics, Multi-scale and Micro-mechanics, computational multibody dynamics, frictional contact mechanics, discrete element method (DEM), finite element method (FEM

Dr. Shuguang Huang

Robotics, dynamics and control

Dr. Mark Nagurka, P.E.

Mechanical systems, modeling of vehicle systems, human/machine interaction, biomechanics of motion

Dr. Joseph Schimmels

Dynamic systems measurement and control, robotics, kinematics, impedance design, automated assembly, geometric modeling

Dr. Robert Stango, P.E.

Solid mechanics, composite materials, numerical analysis, surface finish processes

Dr. Philip Voglewede

Dynamics and controls, theoretical kinematics applied to robotics and prostheses, polynomial chaos theory applied to controls, industrial automation and fixturing


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Mechanical Engineering

Mechanical Engineering is the branch of engineering dealing with the analysis, design, manufacture, and improvement of machines.

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Dr. John Borg, P.E.
Department Chair
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