Academic Advising Guidelines

The Marquette University College of Nursing views academic advising to be an important part of students’ educational experience and success. The advising process is regarded as a shared responsibility between students and their advisor.  Advisors give attention to matters relating to academic performance and are watchful for non-academic issues that could have an impact on student academic performance.  Advisors in the College of Nursing strive to enhance each students’ educational plans in ways that are consistent with their aspirations, interests, strengths, and values. 

Advisor assignments

All Marquette University College of Nursing students are assigned to a professional Student Success Advisor. Undergraduate students are required to meet with their advisor at least once per semester.  In addition, students participating in Project BEYOND- 2 are required to meet with their Mentor/Advisor Specialist.

All Direct Entry Master of Science in Nursing (DE MSN) students are advised by a professional Student Success Advisor and Program Director.  DE MSN students are required to meet with their advisor during the program’s first semester. All traditional MSN, DNP, PhD, and NAEP students are advised by their Program Director and receive additional support from the Graduate Student Success Advisor.

Academic Advising Philosophy and Goals

The College of Nursing adheres to the Marquette University Academic Advising Philosophy and Goals.   The primary purpose of advising is to enhance the academic performance of students. The result of this process should be graduates who are demonstrably committed to academic excellence and who assume responsibility for their own actions. Their growth toward this goal can be observed in their ability to make sound personal and academic choices.  Undergraduate student expectations for advising can be found in the undergraduate bulletin. Graduate student expectations can be found in the graduate bulletin.

Statement for Students with Disabilities

Marquette’s Office of Disability Services (ODS) coordinates services to meet the educational needs of students with documented disabilities. Students with disabilities needing accommodations to fully participate in this class should contact the ODS. All accommodations MUST be approved through the ODS.  Stop by 5th floor of the 707 building, call 414-288-1645, or email to make an appointment. To learn more about the accommodation process, visit the ODS website:

The College experience is a student’s responsibility

Student Success Advisors will assist students by providing information and resources, but a student is responsible for planning their individual program and for meeting academic requirements and deadlines, which can be found in the University Bulletin and in the College of Nursing Student Handbook.