Mission, Vision, and Strategic Themes

"Exploring the power of nonviolence."

Mission statement

The Marquette University Center for Peacemaking strives to empower the university and wider community to explore together the necessary skills to become informed, spiritually centered, nonviolent peacemakers. Rooted in the Ignatian charism, the center works with a spirit of confidence and joy to achieve an awakening to the complementary relationship of scholarship, spirituality, nonviolent living, and the active struggle for peace and justice.

Vision statement

We envision a future of peace for the earth and for humanity, when the world has rejected war and violence and has embraced nonviolent action as the way to overcome oppression, resolve conflict, protect the earth and bring the human family together.

Strategic themes

Culture of Peacemaking 

Create and sustain a culture of peacemaking at Marquette University that explores the principles, values and traditions of nonviolence.

  • Identify and engage in prominent peacemaking areas where Marquette University has the ability to make an impact.
  • Engage the university community in the spiritual foundations of peacemaking and nonviolence.
  • Reach beyond traditional academic boundaries with interdisciplinary peacemaking.
  • Support communities of students, faculty and staff actively participating in peacemaking activities.

Peacemaking in Action

Educational Excellence

Academic Prestige

Fund Development

Stewardship of Resources