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Vines are taking over the world's rain forests — and impairing the forests' ability to absorb atmospheric carbon.

Crosstown Exchange

Through a departmental merger with a major medical college, Marquette grows its biomedical engineering research prospects.

A Long Legacy of Healing

Groundbreaking treatment pioneered at the Behavior Clinic helps children.

Life Behind the Label

A researcher's growing body of work explores how prejudice, discrimination and state policies affect the daily realities of Arab and Muslim Americans.

Fear Factors

A novel technique reveals the brain structures involved in conditioned responses that process fear.

Collaboration Station

Students drive the creation of an accessible and impressive new incubator space.
Aging Muscles Unbound

Aging Muscles Unbound

Dr. Robert Fitts says, Slowing down with age doesn't have to happen anywhere near as drastically as it usually does.
The Trouble with Salt

The Trouble with Salt

When streets and sidewalks are covered with snow and ice, the solution seems fairly simple: salt, salt and more salt.
Research for a  Burgeoning Community


Faculty members coalesce behind research on Latino well-being.

Strange Contradictions


A former anti-academic sorts through the shifting undercurrents of prewar Germany.


Promising solutions from the frontier where dentistry meets physics, chemistry and engineering.
Innovation at Marquette


Corporate engagement; a new startup culture; and much more.
The Prism of Patient Care

The Prism of Patient Care

Regional collaboration of research institutions aims to change health care.
Unlocking the Mystery of Virtue


Dr. Nancy Snow leads a multi-disciplinary mission to tackle this complex topic.
Outside the Bubble


A comprehensive — and personal —
study of life after football.



Two professors seek to unlock the powers of rhythmic behaviors.
Heads or Tails


An economics professor tackles the intangible Bitcoin trend.
Innovation Starts with a Good Idea


Innovation starts with a good idea, and Marquette has no shortage of them.


With students by her side, Dr. Rosemary Stuart pursues breakthroughs in the study of mitochondria.
Monkish Mysteries and Impious Intrigue


In a religiously divided England, chapbooks painted a lurid picture of the Catholic Church.
Big - Researchers MOVe in a Major Way to Tackle Obesity


For Dr. Linda Vaughn, obesity is more than a significant problem. She considers it a modernday plague.

One Step at a Time


Collaborators seek to improve the functionality of individuals with spinal cord injuries.
Clean Water


Marquette researchers turn their attention to one of the planet’s most threatened resources.
Solving the Puzzle


Drs. Heather Hlavka and Sameena Mulla study sexual assault trials
to learn how evidence pieces fit together.
In | sight

In | sight

Marquette researchers are using imaging technology to solve problems and deepen our understanding of the world around us.
�My community�s dying.�

�My community�s dying.�

African-American women are leading the fight against HIV and AIDS, and Dr. Angelique Harris wants to understand why.
Stepping forward

Stepping forward

Dr. Gerald Harris and the Tech4Pod consortium are engineering better devices for children with orthopaedic disabilities.
Healing the broken spine

Healing the broken spine

Dr. Murray Blackmore is making progress in understanding how to reverse the condition physicians once considered untreatable.
Unfiltered images

Unfiltered images

Dr. Craig Andrews� research shows graphic visual health warnings influence intentions to quit smoking.
The spiritual toll of abuse

The spiritual toll of abuse

Dr. Theresa Tobin explores the idea of �spiritual violence� � and how its victims can recover.
The science of making friends

The science of making friends

How an innovative program for teenagers with autism is changing lives — and the brain.
Coming Home

Coming Home

Dr. James Marten explores the postwar lives of Civil War veterans
Architect of the infinitesimal

Architect of the infinitesimal

Dr. Chung Hoon Lee's nanostructures are helping to electrify and illuminate science's tiniest frontier.
The tragedy of addiction

The tragedy of addiction

Dr. Robert Wheeler is trying to solve the mysteries of motivation in cocaine addicts.
In search of Justice

In search of Justice

In a world still plagued with war and political violence, what is the role of reparative justice?
Go Home, Stay home!

Go Home, Stay home!

How nurses can help reduce the rotating door of hospital readmissions.
Research at Marquette University on the MU Grid

Research at lightning speed (PDF)

Imagine work that previously took more than a year happening in just a day or two. That's the power of the new MUGrid.
The FDI effect

The FDI effect (PDF)

Multinational corporations are everywhere. Dr. Miao "Grace" Wang examines the effects of foreign direct investment on host countries.
Mind over body

Mind over body (PDF)

Post-traumatic stress disorder comes with physical effects, too. Dr. Sandra Hunter and Manda Keller study motor impairment in veterans with PTSD.
Facebook and the privacy paradox

Facebook and the privacy paradox (PDF)

Drs. Sarah Feldner and Scott D'Urso explore how social networking has changed our notion of privacy.
The bionic prof

The bionic prof (PDF)

Dr. Phil Voglewede is building a better prosthetic ankle and foot.
Mobile M.D.

Mobile M.D. (PDF)

Can mobile phone apps improve medical care in the developing world? Dr. Sheikh Iqbal Ahamed thinks so.

Solving Schizophrenia (PDF)

Four professors are on two distinct paths with one noble purpose:
Develop pharmaceutical agents to help battle schizophrenia, one of the most devastating mental health disorders. And they’ve started their own drug companies to do it.

Starstruck (PDF)

Dr. Christopher Stockdale�s fascination with supernovae could help us better understand the origins of the universe.

No Longer Safe at Home (PDF)

Dr. Louise Cainkar explores life for Arab-Americans in a post-9/11 world.

Healing (PDF)

Dr. John LaDisa is working to create better medical devices for children and adults with cardiovascular problems.

Making a Mark (PDF)

Dr. Irene Calboli tries to bring legal clarity to trademark advertising.

Slowing Down (PDF)

Dr. Claire Badaracco examines the intersection of slow food, slow medicine and mass media

Research in Brief (PDF)

Inside: Ensuring the Reliability of Transportation Examining Global Consumer Culture Are Enterprise Software Systems Worth the Money? The Puzzling Problems of Myofacial Pain What Difference Does a Lawyer Make? Pricing the Priceless Relieving Muscle Fatigue North Africa: Where Worlds Collide How to Delay Adolescent Sexual Activity A New Way to Serve Special Needs Marquette Bookshelf Research and Scholarship at Marquette

House of cards (PDF)

Dr. Anthony Pennington-Cross has devoted his career to studying the loans that led to the financial collapse of 2008.

Imagination: the power
to heal (PDF)

Dr. Anees Sheikh, a Marquette professor of psychology, was a pioneer in the field of mental imagery and is credited with helping establish the field.

Ready, set, read (PDF)

Marquette�s speech-language pathologists boost literacy for hundreds of Wisconsin preschoolers.

From sludge to
sustainable energy (PDF)

Dr. Dan Zitomer harnesses the power of anaerobic microorganisms.

Digging the Bible (PDF)

What is the archaeological evidence for old testament history? Theology professor Dr. Deirdre Dempsey uses her expertise in ancient languages � and old-fashioned sweat labor � to find out.

Research in Brief (PDF)

Inside: Fighting a Harmful Result of Chemotherapy A New Approach to Sensors Cold War Propaganda Lives On Surviving Katrina - And the Media Thin Bodies, Thin Wallets How Latino Youth Succeed Marquette Bookshelf Research and Scholarship at Marquette


Blazing trails (PDF)

For 30 years, Dr. Charles Wilkie has studied fire retardancy. Armed with a new federal grant, this leader in his field is heating things up.

Eco enigma (PDF)

Searching for answers to
neurological disease.

Nazi chic? (PDF)

Dr. Irene Guenther unravels the sinister relationship between fashion and fascism.

Mechanical wonder (PDF)

Dr. James Anderson decodes an RNA process essential for cell survival.

Listening to the animal kingdom (PDF)

Named for the fictional Dr. Dolittle, who possessed a magical ability to converse with animals, the project is committed to an improved understanding of animals.

Identity crisis (PDF)

Who are you? A Social Security number, an American, a spouse, a parent, a child, or a co-worker? Or all of these? What makes you, you?

Research in Brief (PDF)

Inside: Trial by TV: Pop Culture Meets Law Craving Answers about Appetite Oh Favorite Soda, How Do I Love Thee? Text Messaging: Deciphering an Electronic Babel Getting to the Root of the Problem Kannst Du Deitsch Schwetze? Innovations in Family Planning Healing Pain Reviving Up Rehab Through Robotics The Other Side of the Therapy Couch Marquette Bookshelf Research at Marquette

Children - Protecting
Brittle Bones (PDF)

Imagine bones so fragile they can snap under the slightest pressure —
even from simply walking. That’s the reality for children with
osteogenesis imperfecta, or “brittle bone disease.”

Ethics - Keeping
Business Honest (PDF)

Dr. Sarah Peck, Ph.D., primarily teaches the black-and-white world of numbers and financial formulas. But her research - and her passion - resides in the gray area where ethics and business collide.

Biotechnology Unraveling the Mysteries of Proteins (PDF)

Daniel Sem, Ph.D., wanted to put a heart in hard science � something that wasn�t always easy when he worked in the profit-driven biotechnology industry.

A Bite Out of Crime (PDF)

An attacker bites his victim. A criminal munches on a sandwich before fleeing the scene. And those pearly whites might leave just the clue needed to capture the perpetrator.

Understanding the Damaged Brain (PDF)

Brian Schmit, Ph.D., associate professor of biomedical engineering, and Sheila Schindler-Ivens, Ph.D., assistant professor of physical therapy, are searching for new tools to help stroke survivors conquer those challenges.

Undergraduate Student Research (PDF)

A Marquette education challenges students to explore and innovate.
And that means that undergraduates don�t just read about research in the library � they jump into labs and get their hands dirty.