Student Affairs Assessment Team


From our unique vantage point of working with students outside the classroom, the Student Affairs Assessment Team endeavors to assist co-curricular program and service providers to leverage data and assessment best practice to make informed decisions that will innovate and enhance the student experience.


  • Collaborate on interdepartmental assessment efforts through sharing information and resources about the student experience across co-curricular units.
  • Contribute to the narrative of the what makes a Marquette education unique.
  • Assist in advancing the strategic plan of our division and the university.
  • Share external resources and opportunities for co-curricular assessment.
  • Support senior leadership among co-curricular units in leveraging data to inform decisions about co-curricular programs and services.
  • Coordinate and maintain assessment processes for Co-Curricular Learning Outcomes.

Academic Year 2022-23 Direction

In fall 2022, we planned sunset the co-curricular learning outcomes and write goals specific to Student Affairs priorities, which include wellness and student success. This work is ongoing. To prepare for writing new learning outcomes, Student Affairs has chosen a sample of the current co-curricular learning outcomes that we anticipate will align with Student Affairs goals and priorities moving forward. These include:

B. Holistic Development

Personal growth in mind, body and spirit that contributes to forming the whole person.

Engage in behaviors that promote health and wellness.

Acknowledge personal strengths and growth areas.

Use reflective thinking to expand self-knowledge, growth and maturity.

Articulate and scrutinize personal values and beliefs.

C. Social Development

The ability to form and manage healthy interpersonal relationships.

Manage and resolve interpersonal conflicts.

D. Intercultural Development

Skills and characteristics that support understanding and appropriate interaction in a variety of cultural contexts.

Display curiosity about other cultures.

E. Social Justice

A commitment to service with and for others.

Demonstrate a habit of service to the community of which they are a part.

Demonstrate knowledge of root causes of social justice issues.

Demonstrate empathy and compassion for those they serve.

Academic Year 2023-24 Direction

Student Affairs will look to convene a working group to focus on writing learning outcomes and developing measures to assess those as well as make recommendations about the composition and scope of Student Affairs Assessment Team.