Co-Curricular Assessment Team

The Co-Curricular Assessment Team includes representatives from all Student Affairs departments, Campus Ministry, Student Educational Services, Career Services, Disability Services, and International Education.


From our unique vantage point of working with students outside the classroom, the Co-Curricular Assessment team endeavors to assist co-curricular program and service providers to leverage data and assessment best practice to make informed decisions that will innovate and enhance the student experience.


  • Collaborate on interdepartmental assessment efforts through sharing information and resources about the student experience across co-curricular units.
  • Contribute to the narrative of the what makes a Marquette education unique.
  • Assist in advancing the strategic plan of our divisions and the university.
  • Share external resources and opportunities for co-curricular assessment.
  • Support senior leadership among co-curricular units in leveraging data to inform decisions about co-curricular programs and services.
  • Coordinate and maintain assessment processes for Co-Curricular Learning Outcomes.
  • Each year, in consultation with co-curricular senior leadership, identify a relevant question or topic related to the student experience, explore available data and best practices related to this topic, and provide a summary or recommendations regarding this topic.
Revised May, 2020

Academic Year 2021-2022 Theme

How co-curricular areas support student retention and success

Assessment Team Members

Jennifer Reid, Ph.D. (Chair)
Acting Assistant Vice President for Student Affairs
Student Affairs

Erik Albinson
Student Educational Services

Demetria Bell Anderson
Director of the Office of Engagement and Inclusion
Office of Engagement and Inclusion

Jodi Blahnik, Ph.D.
Psychologist and Director of Student Affairs Assessment
Counseling Center

Mary Sue Callan-Farley
Director of Campus Ministry
Campus Ministry

James Friel
Associate Director
Recreational Sports

Erin Lazzar
Associate Dean of Students
Student Development

Maria Mostek
Associate Director
Career Services Center

Ann Mulgrew
Assistant Director
Campus Ministry

Kacie Otto
Sexual Violence Specialist/Victim Advocate
Student Development