Dr. Sharon Chubbuck2019 Teaching Excellence Award

Associate Professor and Director of Graduate Studies, Educational Policy and Leadership

Following the footsteps of her mother and grandmother, Dr. Sharon Chubbuck has had a passion for teaching from a young age.

As an associate professor and director of graduate studies for the Educational Policy and Leadership program, Chubbuck radiates her passion for education in everything she does, influencing fellow colleagues and her students while shaping programs within the college.

Chubbuck’s teaching and research areas include secondary education, schooling in a diverse society, social justice and nonviolence. Her commitment to graduate students is a strong component of who she is as a teacher.

She has published more than 40 books and academic journal articles, and has received several research grants to further her work on increasing diversity and “detracking,” or the sorting of students into different classes based on mixed ability levels.

It’s clear from her colleagues that Chubbuck goes above and beyond for her students. Dr. Cynthia Ellwood describes Chubbuck as “the teacher outside the classroom — mentoring, pushing, guiding, counseling and always supporting students.”

Former student Lauren Gilbert notes the admirable way in which Chubbuck enabled her to succeed: “Dr. Chubbuck broke down the need for equity in a way that inspired me to use my own experiences as a catalyst to become the best educator I could be for brown youth.” Another student, Hannah Lubar, echoes this sentiment, “She challenged me weekly to think about what it means to be an educator with a conscience — what it should mean to be a Marquette educator.”

As a 2019 recipient of the Teaching Excellence Award, Chubbuck is receiving well deserved recognition for her years of influence at Marquette and for truly embodying what it means to Be The Difference.