Past Teaching Enhancement and Interdisciplinary Award Recipients

Way Klingler Teaching Enhancement Award


  • Dr. Joseph Byonanebye, Biomedical Sciences
  • Joshua Knox, Department of Physician Assistant Studies
  • Dr. Nilanjan Lodh, Department of Clinical Laboratory Science
  • Dr. John Mantsch, Biomedical Sciences


  • Dr. Mauricio Garnier-Villarreal, College of Nursing
  • Dr. Lynne Knobloch-Fedders, College of Education
  • Dr. Brooke Magnus, Klingler College of Arts and Sciences


  • Dr. Khadijah Makky, Biomedical Sciences
  • Dr. Judith Maloney, Biomedical Sciences
  • Dr. Amber Young-Brice, College of Nursing
  • Ms. Kim Jensen Bohat, Center for Teaching and Learning
  • Mr. Jamie Cheatham, Digital Media and Performing Arts


  • Mrs. Cathleen Ott Thompson, Digital Media and Performing Arts
  • Mrs. Connie Petersen, Digital Media and Performing Arts
  • Dr. Sarah Wadsworth, English
  • Ms. Lynne Shumow, Haggerty Museum of Art
  • Dr. Susan Mountin, Pastoral Leadership in a Cultural Context


  • Dr. Marilyn Frenn, College of Nursing
  • Mrs. MaryJo Wiemiller, Department of Physician Assistant Studies


  • Dr. Eugenia Afinoguenova, Department of Foreign Languages and Literatures
  • Dr. Pamela Hill Nettleton, Department of Journalism and Media Studies


  • Dr. Amy Van Hecke, Department of Psychology
  • Dr. Mary Carlson, College of Education
  • Mrs. Wendy Krueger, Department of Speech Pathology and Audiology


  • Dr. Kathleen Clark, Department of Educational Policy and Leadership
  • Dr. Maura Moyle, Department of Speech Pathology and Audiology


  • Dr. Tom Eddinger, Department of Biological Sciences
  • Dr. Michelle Mynlieff, Department of Biological Sciences
  • Dr. Martin St. Maurice, Department of Biological Sciences


  • Dr. Kerry Kosmoski-Goepfert, College of Nursing
  • Dr. Susan C. Schneider, Department of Electrical and Computer Engineering

Way Klingler Interdisciplinary Award


  • Dr. Sarah Bonewits Feldner, College of Communication
  • Dr. Michael J. Monahan, Department of Philosophy


  • Dr. Christine L. Krueger, Department of English
  • Prof. Shirley Wiegand, Law School