2023 Undergraduate Honors Research Fair

research fair

Honors Undergraduate Research Fair 2023
November 14, 2023 | 4 - 5:30pm | Sensenbrenner Hall

Undergraduate research can be a transformative experience, valuable not only for graduate and professional school but for any career requiring initiative, independent thinking, and problem-solving skills.  Research fosters close working relationships between faculty, students, and among research teams, and offers students a window into some of the most pressing challenges facing society today. 

The University Honors Program’s Undergraduate Research Fair includes research from our 2023 Summer Undergraduate Research Fellowship awardees and MU4Gold Research Scholars. Please peruse these talented student’s research posters by clicking on the name of their research title. We hope to see you on November 14!

Michael Bergmann, College of Engineering, Biomechanics Major 
The mGlu5 glutamate receptors as a novel mechanism for treatment of cocaine craving
Faculty Mentor: Dr. Behnam Ghasemzadeh, Associate Professor, Biomedical Sciences 


Margarita Buitrago, College of Arts & Sciences, English and Philosophy Majors 
Between Fact and Fiction: Identity and Depictions of Iberia in Voyage en Béarn 
Faculty Mentor: Dr. Liza Strakhov, Associate Professor, English 


Mari Huglin, College of Arts & Sciences, International Affairs and English Majors 
A Wonderfully Bizarre Milwaukee: The City’s Unexpected, but Vibrant Art Scene
Faculty Mentor: Dr. Kristen Foster, Associate Professor, History 


Lara Koutah, College of Health Sciences, Biomedical Sciences Major 
Evaluation of the University Respite Model 
Faculty Mentor: Dr. Kim Whitmore, Assistant Professor, Education 


Grace Koziol, College of Communication, Digital Media Major 
Bad for me (film) 
Faculty Mentor: Dinesh Sabu, Assistant Professor, Digital Media and Performing Arts; 
Dr. Amanda Keeler, Associate Professor and Chair, Digital Media and Performing Arts, Journalism and Media Studies 


Grace Lindstrom, College of Arts & Sciences, Biological Sciences Major 
The influence of dispersal strategies on spatial distributions of forest pathogens
Faculty Mentor: Dr. Joe La Manna, Assistant Professor, Biology 


Sean Martin, College of Arts & Sciences, Biological Sciences Major 
Monitoring Transthyretin Protein Aggregation using yTRAP
Faculty Mentor: Dr. Anita Manogaran, Associate Professor, Biology 


Josie Moore, College of Health Sciences, Medical Laboratory Science Major 
Longitudinal Assessment of Mycoplasmoides genitalium Antibiotic Resistance 
Faculty Mentor: Dr. Erik Munson, Associate Professor, Medical Laboratory Science 


Bridget Neugent, College of Arts & Sciences, History and English Majors 
Journeying to the Bitter End: An Introduction and Examination of the Archetypal Medieval Death [Anti]-Quest
Faculty Mentor: Dr. Liza Strakhov, Associate Professor, English 


Delanie Nikolay, College of Health Sciences, Biomedical Sciences Major 
Determining the role of prelimbic cortex-to-nucleus accumbens core circuits expressing dopamine D2 receptors in cognitive flexibility and stress-related cognitive pathology 
Faculty Mentor: Dr. Matthew Hearing, Assistant Professor, Biomedical Sciences 


Liam Pyne, College of Arts & Sciences, Psychology Major 
Effects of Online Prosocial Acts on Mental Health: A Correlational Study 
Faculty Mentor: Dr. Stephen Saunders, Assistant Chair and Professor, Psychology 


Sherlean Roberts, College of Arts & Sciences, Political Sciences and International Affairs Majors 
The Missing Pieces- Assessing the African Perspective: An Analysis of Zambia and Senegal's Response to China's Soft Power Initiatives 
Faculty Mentor: Dr. Risa Brooks, Allis Chalmers Professor, Political Sciences 


Matthew Wagener, College of Health Sciences, Biomedical Sciences Major 
Sex-specific dysfunction of cognitive and habit circuits underlying opioid self administration 
Faculty Mentor: Dr. Matthew Hearing, Assistant Professor, Biomedical Sciences 


Arik Zintel, College of Arts & Sciences, Mathematics and Economics Majors
Wisconsin Granges and Agricultural Production 
Faculty Mentor: Dr. Ethan Schmick, Assistant Professor, Economics 


MU4Gold Scholars

Johnnie Brooker, College of Communication, Journalism and Political Science Majors
Living for the City: The Black Middle Class in Milwaukee
Faculty Mentor: Drake Bentley, Project Manager of Living for the City and Researcher for Center for Urban Research, Teaching, & Outreach

Natan Fessahaye, College of Arts & Sciences, Chemistry Major
Photon Initiated Ice Chemistry: Formation of Iso-halons in Clathrate Hydrates
Faculty Mentors: Dr. Scott Reid, Professor, Chemistry and Dr. Damian Kokkin, Research Associate Professor, Chemistry