Library Information Technology

The purpose of Library Information Technology (LIT) is to promote and facilitate the effective integration of technology to meet Library goals and to empower Library staff and patrons with a stable, secure and user-friendly computing infrastructure and customer-oriented technical support system.

Areas of Support


Library staff use a plethora of software applications to perform their duties and to make library collections available to the public. LIT is responsible for testing, installing, upgrading, and providing training as needed for these applications.


Between Memorial and Raynor Libraries, there are over 300 computers (Mac and PC) for public and staff use. LIT is responsible for setup, drive imaging, software upgrades, service and maintenance of these computers and associated peripherals (barcode readers, external drives, printers, scanners, etc.).


In addition to application and hardware support LIT also supports audio-visual equipment maintenance and coordination of data and voice port moves and installs.

Learning Commons

LIT Staff provides support to library users in the Learning Commons. This includes assisting patrons with applications provided on library computers (Mac and PC), photocopier/printer maintenance, and wireless access issues.

Digital Scholarship Lab

LIT provides support for the DSL equipment and patron privacy by helping to maintain the infrastructure that clears patron information from the equipment on check-in.

Beaumier Suites Conference Center

LIT Staff provides support for the Center's computers and a variety of audio visual services for Conference Center users. For more details on support and services, please see information regarding the Technology and Equipment Available.

Server management

LIT provides internal support for library staff file storage as well as platforms for licensed CD-ROM and DVD database products.


LIT is responsible for coordinating service and software upgrades to the library's online catalog and its associated products (Decision Center, FindIt@MU, etc.).

Web Interfaces

The Library's websites are comprised of thousands of web pages. While page content is principally controlled by department editors, the maintenance of the homepage, stylesheets, and overall site maintenance is the responsibility of LIT.



Edward Sanchez, Department Head
Timothy Graff, Systems Support Technician
Kelly Kobiela, Systems Librarian
Brendan Lenzner, Web and Digital Scholarship Technologies Librarian
Darwin Sanders, Microcomputer Technician