New Tool - Docking Monitors

April 2021—Docking monitors are now available in several study/work areas in both Raynor Library and Memorial Library. With a simple USB-C connector, these new monitors provide power to your computer, expand your screen space, and still leave lots of room on the desk to spread out. If you don’t have a USB-C port, standard HDMI and USB connectors are also available. In addition, the docking monitors support videoconferencing with privacy-friendly pop-up HD webcams.

Find the docking monitors at tables and desks in these areas of the library’s two buildings.

  • Raynor Library:
    • Lower level: Digital Scholarship Lab
    • First floor: North side of main room
    • Second floor: North side of main room
  • Memorial Library:
    • Second floor: North wall of reading room

Raynor Memorial Libraries’ new docking monitors are one of several recent improvements aimed at making working and meeting online more convenient. Other services include remote access to library computers and software, real-time computer availability information, and the MARQCATopen portal to freely available, high-quality scholarship.

For More Information

For questions or suggesitons about the docking monitors, contact any member of the Library IT department.

Docking monitor setup