Social and Applied Philosophy (SOAP)

M.A. Social and Applied Philosophy

  • Are you a traditional student, perhaps a social philosophy major, who wants to learn more about social philosophy and ethics?

  • Are you a practicing professional, perhaps aware of ethical issues in your profession, who would like to acquire the conceptual knowledge and reasoning ability to understand these issues more deeply and deal with them effectively?

  • Are you an employer who would like to see your employees more firmly acquainted with the practical applications of ethics?

  • Would you like to move through the program at your own rate, and with maximum flexibility to customize courses to meet your needs?

  • Would you like to approach topics such as justice, health care, professional ethics, and business issues from a variety of disciplinary perspectives?

  • If you answered "yes" to any of these questions, please read on!

Ten things Marquette can offer you:

1. A firm grounding in the history of philosophy and the history and theory of ethics.

2. Graduate-level courses taught by highly qualified professionals in a range of academic disciplines.

3. A customized course of study.

4. Flexibility to move through the specialization on a full- or part-time basis.

5. Evening and late afternoon classes.

6. A stepping stone for possible further study leading to a Ph.D. in Social and Applied Philosophy.

7. The Catholic, Jesuit tradition of Marquette.

8. One of the five largest philosophy faculties in the United States.

9. A unique M.A. Specialization in Social and Applied Philosophy in the Great Lakes area.

10. The "hands-on" experience of an internship.