New and Recent Publications

Desiree Valentine has a chapter “The Wrongs of Wrongful Birth: Disability, Race, and Reproductive Justice” in The Disability Bioethics Reader.

Javiera Perez Gomez has a new article, "Pushed to the Edge of Knowing: Microaggression and Self-doubt," forthcoming in the Journal of Applied Philosophy.

Steven Plecnik had one paper published in 2021: “Augustinian and Eastern Arguments for Divine Simplicity,” The Heythrop Journal, 62(4)  Special Issue: Augustine and Anselm of Canterbury, and has another forthcoming: “Heart in The Rule of St. Benedict,” (co-authored with Dr. John Plečnik) with Spiritus: A Journal of Christian Spirituality, forthcoming fall 2022.

Melissa Shew will be the Faculty Director of the Executive MBA Program starting May 25, and her co-edited volume Philosophy for Girls is being translated into a third language (Vietnamese).

Jessica Wolfendale has a forthcoming paper “The Erasure of Torture in America” coming out in the Case Western Reserve Journal of International Law this month.

Curtis Carter presented “Commentary on Time Shaping by Public Art,” at the American Society for Aesthetics, Philadelphia, April 22, 2022.

Sebastian Luft is organizing three events in the next AY – a one-day workshop (with a colleague from Theology) on rethinking the canon, a conference with Loyola Chicago (Johanna Oksala), taking place in Chicago, on “Phenomenology and Critique,” and the Wisconsin Philosophical Society Conference in April, which will be hosted by Marquette.

Owen Goldin
"Brill's Companion to the Reception of Presocratic Natural Philosophy in Later Classical Thought" published on 01 Feb 2021 by Brill. Chapter 6 Pythagoreanism and the History of Demonstration

John D. Jones
Studies in Christian Ethics
Special Issue: A Fresh Vision for Orthodox Social Ethics: Responses to For the Life of the World (2020). ‘Give me neither wealth nor poverty but appoint for me what is necessary and sufficient’
(Proverbs 30:8 LXX): But Necessary for What and Sufficient for What?

Sebastian Luft
Cassirer’s Place in Today’s Philosophical Landscape; Chapter 11 “Synthetic Philosophy,” Transcendental Idealism, Cultural Pluralism

Stephanie Rivera Berruz
Caribbean Philosophical Association Blog: En El Tiempo De Serpientes: A Meditation on Grief, Dying, and Love

 “Feminisms of the Spanish Speaking Caribbean” (2021) Philosophy Compass. Vol 16 (10).

Stylized Resistance: Boomerang Perception and Latinas in the Twentieth Century” (2021) in Theories in the Flesh Latinx and Latin American Feminisms, Transformation, and Resistance. Ed. Andrea J. Pitts, Mariana Ortega, and Jose Medina. Oxford University Press.

Grant Silva
Journal of World Philosophies Articles: Calling the Bluff: On Meighoo’s Misreading of Wilderson and Mignolo in “Upping the Anti-”

ur-contempt” and the maintenance of racial injustice: A Response to Monahan’s “Racism and ‘Self-Love’: The Case of White Nationalism

The Moral Psychology of Hate, EDITED BY NOELL BIRONDO
Chapter 5, Grant J. Silva, A Tradition Grounded in Hate, Racist Hatred and Anti-Immigrant Fervor.

Richard Taylor

traduction de Gwenaëlle Aubry

Reading Proclus and the Book of Causes, Volume 2: Translations and Acculturations,
Edited by Dragos Calma; Chapter 10 Richard Taylor Contextualizing the Kalām fī maḥḍ al-khair / Liber de causis

Desiree Valentine
The Journal Of Philosophy Of Disability: Technologies of Reproduction: Race, Disability, and Neoliberal Eugenics.

Bioethics, Racialized disablement and the need for conceptual analysis of “racial health disparities.

Jessica Wolfendale

Wolfendale J. (2021) “Technology as Terrorism: Police Control Technologies and Drone Warfare”. In: Henschke A., Reed A., Robbins S., Miller S. (eds) Counter-Terrorism, Ethics and Technology. Advanced Sciences and Technologies for Security Applications. Springer, Cham.

Jessica Wolfendale & Stoney Portis. (2021). “Toxic Warrior Identity, Accountability, and Moral Risk,”  Journal of Military Ethics, online first. DOI: 10.1080/15027570.2021.2015059

Anthony F. Peressini, Professor
Against the philosophical project of “biologizing” raceMetaphilosophy (2021)


Javiera Perez Gomez, Assistant Professor

“Verbal Microaggressions as Hyper-implicatures.”

"Should Biomedical Research with Great Apes Be Restricted? A Systematic Review of Reasons." (With Bernardo Aguilera and David DeGrazia.)

Other recent publications, here


Grant J. Silva, Associate Professor

The Lives that Matter in the Prevailing Social Order

On “Wealth” and Whiteness

On “Ur-Contempt” and the Maintenance of Racial Injustice: A Response to Monahan’s “Racism and ‘Self-Love’: The Case of White Nationalism”


Owen Goldin, Professor
Brill’s Companion to the Reception of Presocratic Natural Philosophy in Later Classical Thought Series 

Chapter 6 Pythagoreanism and the History of Demonstration

"Pistis, Persuasion, and Logos in Aristotle" Elenchos 2020; 41(1): 49–70

Tilo Schabert, The Figure of Modernity. On the Irregularity of an Epoch. Translated from the German by Javier Ibáñez-Noé. With a Foreword by James Greenaway. De Gruyter: Berlin, 2020. (Translation of Das Gesicht der Moderne. Zur Irregularität eines Zeitalters. Verlag Karl Alber: Freiburg-Munich, 2018.)

Tilo Schabert, “A Continuing Strife Towards Cosmogony: History.” Translated from the German by Javier Ibáñez-Noé.  In: Tilo Schabert and John von Heyking, Wherefrom Does History Emerge? Inquiries in Political Cosmogony. De Gruyter: Berlin, 2020, 163–176.


Pol Vandevelde, Professor

“The Scaffolding Role of a Natural Language in the Formation of Thought: Edmund Husserl’s Contribution,” in Language and Phenomenology, ed. Chad Engelland. London: Routledge, 2021, 194-211. 

“Between Appropriation and Transmission: The Romantic Thread in Heidegger’s Existential Notion of Understanding,” in The Palgrave Handbook of German Romantic Philosophy, ed. Elizabeth Millán. London: Palgrave McMillan, 2020, 607-630.


Clark Wolf, Visiting Assistant Professor
Two articles:
The Authority of Conceptual Analysis in Hegelian Ethical Life

Husserl on the Overlap of Pure and Empirical Concepts


Corrine Bloch-Mullins, Associate Professor
Bloch-Mullins, C. L. (2020). Scientific Concepts as Forward-Looking: How Taxonomic Structure Facilitates Conceptual Development, Journal of the Philosophy of History14(2), 205-231.


Richard Taylor, Professor
"Contextualizing the Kalām fī maḥḍ al-khair / Liber de causis,” in D. Calma (ed.), Reading Proclus and the Book of Causes (5th-16th Centuries), vol. 2: Translations and Acculturations, Brill, Leiden & Boston, 2021, pp. 211-232.