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Advising and Registration for Spring 2023

Advising weeks: 10/31/2022 through 11/11/2022

Register by appointment: 11/14/2022 through 12/2/2022

As a reminder on how advising works, please note: all A&S student have a registration hold put on their records until they meet with an advisor. So, it is imperative to meet with an advisor via email, in person, Teams/Skype/Zoom, or the phone. (See below for details on the new College procedure.) 

Urgent Request Form:  Please use this form to request permission for enrollment in a closed undergraduate philosophy course.

New Advising procedures from the College:

  1. Once students meet with an advisor, faculty will report (via survey) each advising meeting with student first name, last name, and MUID.
  2. The College will lift the registration holds of students reported via this procedure. 

Spring 2023 Resources for Advising and Registration


  • Philosophy Course Map identifying the Discovery Tier themes for PHIL courses 
  • Philosophy Undergraduate Electives for spring 2023
  • Details of the new major (New Philosophy Major)
  • Forms for new major / changing majors 
  • Waiver form (major-minor-waiver-request)


All Phil Courses and Course Archives 

Helpful resources:

Declaration of Major Form

Declaration of Minor Form

How do I make changes to my academic record?

How Marquette alumni value their Philosophy education

Learn more about Philosophy Faculty and their research areas

Understand How Philosophy works with the Marquette Core Curriculum


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Trying to Register for a Closed Class?

If you are trying to register for a section that is closed, first look through CheckMarq to see if another section is open and will fit your schedule. We will be unable to accept urgent requests UNLESS you are a senior who will be graduating in December. 

Graduating Seniors

If you are a graduating senior you can submit an Urgent Request Form.