Class Registration

Advising and Registration for Fall 2024

Advising weeks: March 18, 2024 through March 27, 2024.

Register by appointment: April 2, 2024 through April 19, 2024.



Fall Registration Survey:

1. Students received a link to the registration survey (with instructions) from the department.

2. All students may use the same link. No password is required.

3. Once the student submits their completed survey, the system will do as follows:
*Send the student an email summarizing their survey input.
*Send the advisor an email with a link to reopen the survey.

4. The advisor should reopen the survey during their meeting with the student, review the student’s input with them, and revise as needed.

5. Once the advisor submits the survey, the advisor will be prompted to enter confidential notes and to confirm the meeting.

6. Once the advisor confirms the meeting, the system will do as follows:
*Send the student an email summarizing their survey input (excluding confidential notes).
*Send the advisor an email summarizing their survey input (including confidential notes) along with a link to reopen and revise as needed.
*The system will report confirmed advising meetings to the college records department every weekday in the evening. Registration holds will be lifted on the morning of the following weekday.

Trying to Register for a Closed Class?

If you are trying to register for a section that is closed, first look through CheckMarq to see if another section is open and will fit your schedule. We will be unable to accept urgent requests UNLESS you are a senior who will be graduating in May. 

Graduating Seniors
If you are a graduating senior you can submit an Urgent Request Form.

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