Leadership Development Model Resources

Resources for Implementing Contemplatives in Action

The Contemplatives in Action Leadership Development Model invites students to connect all of their diverse experiences (academic, co-curricular, employment, off-campus, personal….) in their continual reflection and development. Because of this, we hope that the new model will be incorporated into experiences across campus. We hope that it becomes a familiar reference point in their formation and invite colleagues across campus to use this model in conversations and student leadership experiences.

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Contemplatives in Action Curriculum

Staff, faculty, and student leaders are invited to use these curriculum modules, either individually or in a series. You can modify them to fit your context. If you’d like support in designing your activities, please reach out!

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CIA Introduction

  • Students will be introduced to the Contemplatives in Action leadership development model as well as the movements of the model. 
  • Students will gain understanding of the movements of the Contemplatives in Action leadership development model. 
  • Students will reflect on how they see themselves in the model. 

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CIA Core Values Activity

  • Students will be aware of their core values. (Self) 
  • Students will understand how their values impact their leadership as a student manager. (Group) 
  • Students will look at how past decision making was influenced by their core values. (Reflection) 
  • Students will have a resource to reference as they grow in the student manager position. (Action) 

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 Exploring Our Stories Activity

  • Students will connect the idea of the individual story to Cura Personalis. 
  • Students will reflect on their social identities and personal story. 
  • Students will share parts of their story with others and hear stories of others. 
  • Students will establish the foundations for honest and meaningful dialogue. 

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 Create your own Examen Activity

  • Students will explore the five steps in an Ignatian Examen: open to God’s presence, offer thanksgiving, review experiences, ask for pardon and strength, going forward with hope. 
  • Students Will write/create an Examen for a leadership/group activity. 
  • Students will practice leading this Examen. 

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"I Am From" Poem Activity


Students will reflect on their lived experiences. 

Students will recognize their story as unique in relation to their peers. 

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 Ignatian Gospel Contemplation 

  • Students will experience another way of reflecting and/or praying with scripture
  • Students will encounter God in a new and/or ongoing way. 

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