Faith at Marquette

The search for and
sharing of knowledge

Being a Catholic, Jesuit university means asking big questions, reflecting deeply on the answers, and relentlessly pursuing the truth. And because Catholicism at its best seeks to be inclusive, we are open to all who share our mission. We welcome and benefit enormously from the diversity of seekers within our ranks, even as we freely choose and celebrate our own Catholic identity.

St. Joan of Arc Chapel

Though it is by far the oldest structure in Milwaukee, the Gothic St. Joan of Arc Chapel, which dates to the early 15th century, is more than a curiosity. It is the heart of this Catholic, Jesuit university community. It is a place of community, especially in times of joy and sorrow. It has been the site of emotional candlelit vigils and of political protests. It draws people of all backgrounds and faiths. The Chapel hosts regular Masses that often test the capacity of the diminutive structure.

Catholic Masses each week

Marquette becomes the first Catholic university to allow women to attend alongside men

Sacred spaces across campus

Other faiths on campus

Guided by our mission’s call to meet the diverse spiritual needs and interests of Marquette’s students, our Campus Ministry is committed to support the faith/spiritual growth of all students, foster community and create safe, inclusive spaces for engaging in interfaith dialogue and activities.

Why faith is important

As one of the four pillars of Marquette’s mission, faith is a guiding principle for the university. By virtue of what we believe as a Catholic, Jesuit university, we aspire toward excellence, lead with vision, and serve in fidelity to the principles of justice and love.