Dual Enrollment Academic Regulations

Academic regulations

Dual Enrollment students are registered as Non-Degree seeking student at Marquette to take dual enrollment courses. Non-Degree students must meet all academic regulations established by the university. For a complete list of Non-Degree Student Academic Regulations, refer to the Academic Regulations section of the Undergraduate Bulletin.

Marquette credits

Upon successful completion of Dual Enrollment courses, you will receive Marquette credits as well as high school credits. Because grades are linked, success at the dual enrollment courses affects both high school GPA (and credits toward graduation) as well as college GPA (which may or may not matter depending on your transfer plans), and Financial Aids eligibility.

Credit limits

Up to 12 credits each semester and 24 credits in total can be earnd at Marquette by a non-degree seeking or dual enrollment student. 

Academic integrity training

All Dual Enrollment students are required to complete the academic integrity tutorial during their first semester on campus. ALL first semester students must complete the tutorial before noon on October 1 for fall admission or noon on March 1 for spring admission. Instructions on how to take the tutorial through D2L.