ECCP provides opportunity for high school students to seek course work not available in their high school as non-dergree seeking Dual Enrollment students at Marquette Univeresity. Only students attending a Wisconsin high school may pursue coursework through the ECCP. For complete details about the program, visit Wisconsin Association of Independent Colleges and Universities' website.


Two seperate applicantion links are designed for New Applicants and Returning Applicants. Make sure you submit the correct application in order for your application to be processed timely. 

  • ECCP Application for New Applicants If you have never taken Marquette courses, you are a New Applicant. 
  • ECCP Application for Returning Applicants If you have taken any Marquette course, you are a Returning Applicant.You will be asked for your MUID number when fill out the application. Your MUID number never expires; if you couldn't find your MUID number, please contact us. 

Application Deadlines

  • August 1st for Fall
  • May 1st for Summer
  • December 15th for Spring

Required Application Materials

  • Most recent High School transcripts (could be unofficial transcript).
  • District Approval formsigned by applicant, parent, and district. 

Admission Creteria 

  • Junior or Senior High School Student
  • Cumulative High School GPA 3.0
  • Meet Marquette prerequisites requirements of any course you requested. Prerequisites  can be found in our Course Catolog.  

Marquette Course Search

How should ECCP student search for Marquette courses

Course Catolog is usually published in mid March for summer and fall semester classes, and late October for spring semester classes. Information including course description, course schedule, instructor, prerequisites requirements can be found in the Course Catolog. 

AP credits

If you have taken AP courses, you can use this AP placement chart to evaluate whether your AP credits will help you to meet the prerquisites requirements. 

Credits Limit

Early College Credit Program students may enroll in a maximum of seven credits each term. The state of Wisconsin restricts the total number of Early College Credit Program credits to 18 credits in total.

Campus Resources

Marquette has a variety of Campus Recourses that will benefit ECCP students. We recommend all ECCP students check it out. 

If you have questions regarding reimbursement of Textbooks, Digital Content or Software that are required by your course, please contact your district. Marquette does not provide such reimbursement. 


Any questions, please email Marquette Dual Enrollment Team