Student Resources

Dual Enrollment students have equal access to all Marquette’s campus resources as any other Marquette student. Everyone at Marquette cares about the success of you as a dual enrollment student. We look forward to supporting you. A few recourses highlights for Dual Enrollment students:

Marquette credentials

You will receive the following credentials from Marquette University's Information Technology (ITS) Services after applied to Dual Enrollment programs

    • MUID. Your MUID card could be picked up at Union Station, Room 158 in the AMU.
    • Marquette Email Account, which you will need to login Marquette Email account.
    • CheckMarq Username, which you need to login CheckMarq or D2L.

Academic support programs

    • Library
    • Access Campus Softwares for Students
    • Academic coaching services - Coaches provide students with semester-long academic support in areas such as time management, procrastination, test preparation, and note-taking and reading strategies. They work individually with students, assess their strengths and needs, and devise a personalized plan of action.  
    • The MIC Speakers Lab - At the MIC, you can receive help in all aspects of presentation development from brainstorming ideas and organizing content to practicing effective delivery and creating visuals. 
    • Writing Center - All writers--successful writers, anxious writers, prolific writers, struggling writers--benefit from talking about their writing in progress with an interested, experienced reader.

Access to campus buildings

With a MUID card, you have access to most of the campus buildings.