How to search Marquette courses for ECCP students

You may be wondering what courses are offered at Marquette that are available for ECCP students to take. Below are some basic guidelines which is helpful for your search. 

  • 1000, 2000, 3000, and 4000 courses are available for ECCP students to take, assuming you meet the pre-requisite requirement and GPA requirement. 5000 and above courses are graduate courses and are not availiable for ECCP students. 
  • Course number do not necessarily indicate the level of the courses. However, 1000 and 2000 courses are a good start for new ECCP students. Most of the 3000 and 4000 have pre-requisite requirement. If a course has no pre-requisites, it is open to any student. 
  • Some courses are not open to high school students. For example, "Prereqs: Enrolled in the College of Business", "Prereqs: Sophomore standing", means the course are not available for high school students. 
  •  All Fall and Spring courses are delivered in-person, except for course offered through special arrangement with high school. Most Summer courses are delivered online. 
  • There is a two course limit per semester. 

How to do a course search?

1. Know what subject you would like to study

Marquette offers a variety of courses available for ECCP students. It is important that you know what academic area that you would like to study. The list of Course Subjects shows all subjects being taught at Marquette. 

2. Go to Marquette University Class Search

Select the "Academic Term" you would like to study at Marquette. 

Type in course key word, or course code in search. If you don't have a course title or code, you can click "Subject", the drop down menu will show all the subjects. 

3. Click into the course you are interested. 

After you click into a course, there will be a course summary page popping up on the right side, which includes course description, instructor, class schedule etc. Prereq requirements are in the course description.