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Recent Great Lakes Water Highs, Lows Tied to Climate Change
Marquette Law School's David Strifling talks about the effect of climate change on the Great Lakes.

Embracing Newness 
"Dr. Kyana Young introduces underrepresented high school students to engineering through hands-on research and training"

Beyond Coworking: Homegrown Innovation Spaces Are Transforming Second Cities 
"Driven largely by corporate executives who recognized the city was home to a cluster of leading water-related companies, the Global Water Center has quickly established itself as a worldwide hub for startups, established companies and universities working to solve freshwater problems."

The Water Council Receives Leadership Award for Water Technology Innovation
The Water Council was named a winner of the 2019 Great Lakes Leadership Awards for Water Technology Innovation, which highlights water technology innovation that addresses current threats and anticipates future challenges to water quality in the Great Lakes. 

Artist at Haggerty Museum brings awareness to water sustainability in Milwaukee
“Watermarks: An Atlas of Water and the City of Milwaukee” is a recent initiative to engage and inform the people of Milwaukee about their reliance on water through the collaboration of art and science in a series of dispersed markers around Milwaukee and informational walks led by local artists and scientists.

Hero of the Week: Dr. Kyana Young 
Learn more about how Dr. Young has made a difference in the lives of high school students interning at the Global Water Center through hands-on research and training. 

Stormwater collection system installed by new Athletic and Human Performance Research Center
“The system helps slow down the release of stormwater into the combined sewer system and ultimately reduces peak volumes that helps to conserve valuable storage volume in the Deep Tunnel system.”

New Report Finds Milwaukee's Water Technology Cluster Spurs Innovation and Replenishes Regional Economy 
Read about how the Global Water Center is helping to improve Milwaukee and beyond. 

The Haggerty Museum’s WaterMarks project
The Haggerty’s Museum of Art’s “WaterMarks” program is a public art project developed artist Mary Miss and funded by the Institute of Museum and Library Services. The goal of the project is to bring awareness of issues related to water sustainability through a collaboration of art and science.

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