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Project Water 

Project Water was an innovative science education & outreach program for high school students and MU interns.

Project Water students

Funded by the Explorer Challenge grant and led by Drs. Krassi Hristova and Jenny LaManna, Project Water's goals included:

  • To train and empower high-school students from groups historically underrepresented in science, math, and engineering (STEM) with knowledge and technical skills in environmental science and communication.
  • To provide hands on training to enter the workforce or undergraduate STEM studies.

               A Project Water student samples water.

Learn more in this PowerPoint presentation about Project Water.

High School Water Sampling Project (2019)

Dr. Kyana Young of the Global Water Center worked with a group of local Milwaukee high school students on water treatment experiments in Marquette's GWC space. This work not only helped further water research in Milwaukee, but also paved the way for young water researchers to build their experience and passion for the field. 

The photos and videos below show Dr. Young and her students testing water for the impact of heavy metals leached from concrete materials on the Kinnickinnic River ecosystem. 

Dr. Young, Dr. Hristova, and their high school students at the Global Water Center.
Dr. Kyana Young, Dr. Krassimira Hristova, and Milwaukee high school students at the Global Water Center

Dr. Young works on a water project with a student at the Global Water Center.  Test tubes at the Global Water Cener Water tanks at the Global Water Center.  High school students work at the Global Water CenterA student marks test tubes at the Global Water Center Dr. Young helps a student on a project at the Global Water Center.
Dr. Young and her high school students sampling water from the KK River system. 


See the students in action and hear more from Dr. Young about research that took place at the GWC.

Water Research Projects

Marquette's space at the Global Water Center was designed to be used for water research by those in the Marquette community. View photos of some of the projects that utilized the GWC space, and visit our ongoing projects page for details of projects that are still occurring. 

                            Student Kate Harrison conducts water research.  
Student Kate Harrison analyzes the effect of zinc and copper on the antibiotic resistance in drinking water systems.  

           Pre-treated water.   Water post-treatment.
Student Kassidy O'Malley demonstrates the efficacy of electrocoagulation as a pre-treatment for electrooxidation for mitigation of estrogens.

                         Paige Peters observes her water project.  
Doctoral student Paige Peters founded Rapid Radicals Technology, LLC (RRTech), a water technology startup, to support the commercialization of high-rate, advanced wet weather treatment for the purpose of rapidly treating sewer overflow water during heavy precipitation.