The library’s Digital Scholarship Lab seeks to be an essential center of gravity for digital scholarship support for students and faculty on campus, by leveraging:

  • the library’s core strengths in information technology and collaboration, both inside the library and across the university,
  • in concert with the library’s critical strengths in research, teaching and learning. 

For students and faculty, the team provides fundamental infrastructure and expertise to support innovative scholarship that uses digital tools to create and share knowledge in ways that’re self-sustainable, accessible, and socially responsible. Together we empower students and faculty to explore new modes of scholarship by connecting them with vital infrastructure, expertise, resources, and services to advance learning & creativity. 


Who We Are

Ed Sanchez

Ed Sanchez, Head of Library Information Technology

Focus areas: Project planning, faculty support, web infrastructure

Max Gray

Maxwell Gray, Digital Scholarship Librarian

Focus areas: Public humanities, digital humanities, creative research, experimental methods, digital editions, digital collections, web development, web archiving, data analytics, database design, metadata, linked data, information literacy, and new media.

Eric Kowalik

Eric Kowalik, Digital Technology and Design Specialist

Focus areas: Open educational resources, GitHub, Power BI

Brendan Lenzner

Brendan Lenzner, Web Development Librarian

Focus areas: Web development and design (HTML, CSS, JavaScript, PHP, SQL, React.js), WordPress, Omeka, web publishing, Python


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