External Faculty Grants

Selected grants by our faculty:


  • Darren Wheelock, US Department of Education, Federal Earmark Grant, 2022-2025, “Expanding and Sustaining Marquette University’s Educational Preparedness Program.” Submitted on 7/1/2022 for $750,000.

  • Dawne Moon, "Living in the Tension: What the Conservative Protestant LGBT+ Movement Teaches Us About Toxic Shame, Love, and Justice," The Louisville Institute Sabbatical Grant for Researchers, $40,000.

  • Louise Cainkar, with community partner Milwaukee Muslim Women's Coalition,"Providing Trauma Informed, Restorative Tea Salons for Afghan Refugees in Milwaukee," Welcome US, $30,000.

  • Darren Wheelock, Marisola Xhelili Ciaccio (doctoral student in Philosophy), Theresa Tobin (Philosophy) and Robert Smith (History),  “The Future of Higher Learning in Prison: The Education Preparedness Program at the Center for Urban Research Teaching and Outreach," Andrew W. Mellon Foundation, $744,109.
  • Dawne Moon and Theresa Tobin (Philosophy), The Motivation of Love: Overcoming Spiritual Violence and Sacramental Shame in Christian Churches, Templeton Foundation, $188,907
  • Heather Hlavka and Sameena Mulla, Trace, Body, Voice: U. S. Cultural Narratives of Sexual Assault in the Post-Forensic Trial, Law and Social Sciences Research Grant, NSF, $109,766
  • Dawne Moon, Joseph H. Fichter Research Grant, Association for the Society of Religion, $2,863