Our McNair Scholars

The Ronald E. McNair Scholars Program prepares eligible students for graduate school. During the academic year, students attend monthly seminars, meet visiting scholars, and participate in student and professional conferences.

During the summer, McNair students participate in the Summer Research Internship Program (SRIP), a paid research internship, which provides an in-depth research experience, working one-on-one with a faculty mentor.

Previous McNair Scholars

2016 - 2022

Lonny Clay
The relationship between Milwaukee public schools and the school-to-prison pipeline
Faculty Mentor: Dawne Moon
Sociology, 2022
Kismat Chahal
The Development of an Authentic Sense of Self With the Influence of Being Present on Social Media: A Study Examining Junior and Senior University Students in Southeast Wisconsin
Faculty Mentor: Stephanie Dhuman
Psychology, 2022
Emily Chavez
21st Century Reality Check: The True Cost of Mass Incarceration
Faculty Mentor: Heather Hlavka
Criminology and Law Studies, 2022
Margie Albizures
The Impact of Education on Youth in Trouble with the Law
Faculty Mentor: Heather Hlavka
Criminology and Law Studies, 2020
Leon Mason
The Effects of ACEs on Coping Mechanisms of Black Men in Higher Education
Faculty Mentor: Heather Hlavka
Psychology, 2019
Karina Pagan
An Examination of Mental Health Outcomes for Latino, White and African American Inmates
Faculty Mentor: Darren Wheelock
Criminology and Law Studies, 2017
Marshall Freeman
Perceptions of the Milwaukee Police Department: Trust, Satisfaction, and Competence
Faculty Mentor: Darren Wheelock
Criminology and Law Studies, 2017
Alyssa Cullinan
Discourse Analysis on High School Dress Codes
Faculty Mentor: Heather Hlavka
Criminology and Law Studies, 2017

2011 - 2015

Taylor Blandl

The “Other” … Women?: A Qualitative Study on the Effects of Race on Black Women’s Dating Experiences at a Predominantly White University

Faculty mentor: Marcia Williams
Social Welfare and Justice, 2015
Christina Nelson

Its the game of survival in the hood. Influence of Masculinity onAfrican-American Men's Health

Faculty mentor: Angelique Harris
Sociology and Social Welfare and Justice, 2015
Kaelin Rapport

Histological Techniques for the Sex Determination of
Skeletonized Human Remains

Faculty mentor: Norman C. Sullivan
Anthropology, 2014
Jessica Sandoval

Adversarial Allegiance in Sexually Violent Person Civil Commitment Evaluations

Faculty mentor: Mary Ann Farkas
Criminology and law studies, 2014
Laree Pourier

Cultural Integrity and American Indian Higher Education:
The Voices of Four Oglala Lakota Women

Faculty mentor: David M. Nowacek
Sociology, 2014
Christina Nelson

Applying John Hagan’s Power-Control Theory to Gender Differences with Drug Abuse

Faculty mentor: Darren L. Wheelock
Criminology and Law Studies, 2014
Amber J. Powell

Blaming the victim: A Look at Sexual Assault Adjudication in the Milwaukee County Courthouse

Faculty mentor: Heather Hlavka
Criminology and Law Studies, 2013
Vanessa Lopez

Family Ties: Exploring Familial Relationships for Individuals with a Felony Conviction

Faculty mentor: Darren Wheelock
Criminology and Law Studiesm, 2013
C. Alexander Weightman

Impacting the Closet Door: Factors that Influence Homosexuals Declaration of Sexual Orientation to Their Parental Figures or Guardians

Faculty Mentor: Dawne Moon
Social Welfare and Justice, 2012
Tommy Walls

Milwaukee Community Conferencing Program: Factors for Success Voiced by Crime Victims

Faculty Mentor: Paul Dedinsky
Social Welfare and Justice, 2012
Darrielle Mitchell

Grin and Bear It: Black Women’s Perceptions of Depression
Diagnosis and Treatment

Faculty Mentor: Marcia Williams
Sociology, 2012
Khanh Tran

Urban Gang Recruitment and Early Puberty: Effects of Early Puberty on 6th Grade Boys and Their Likelihood of Gang Membership

Faculty Mentor: Robert Rondini
Criminology and Law Studies, 2011
Devonique Small

Pepper in a Sea of Salt: Description on College Life by Black Undergraduate Students at a Predominantly White Private University

Faculty Mentor: Marcia Williams
Jazmynn McCain

Big Boys Don’t Cry: A Qualitative Study of African-American Men’s Construction of Themselves While Seeking Protection Order Against Females Respondents

Faculty Mentor: Sameena Mulla
Social Welfare and Justice, 2011
Monique Driver

Shooting for the Stars: A Study of African American Men and Sports

Faculty Mentor: Richard Jones
Sociology, 2011

2008 - 2010

Christopher E. Powell

Hate Crime in Wisconsin: An Analysis of Bias-Motivated Crimes in Wisconsin from 1991-2008

Faculty Mentor: Olga Semukhina
Criminology and Law Studies, 2010
Christopher E. Powell

Death in the Cellblocks: A Study of Inmate Mortality in Jail and Lockup Custody- Part II

Faculty Mentor: Richard Zevitz
Criminology and Law Studies, 2009
Jennifer E. Cossyleon

Collateral Consequences for Female Felony Offenders in the US

Faculty mentor: Heather Hlavka
Criminology and Law Studies, 2009
Daphne McPherson

Demographic Transitions & Infant Mortality: An Analysis of Socioeconomic Status Within 19th Century Milwaukee County

Faculty Mentor: Norman C. Sullivan
Anthropology, 2008
Jennifer E. Cossyleon

Electronic Monitoring of Sex Offenders: An Analysis of its Effects on Recidivism

Faculty mentor: Mary Ann Farkas
Criminology and Law Studies, 2008
Lauren R. Gilbert

Anticipatory Socialization of Young Men Entering the Military: The Role Family, Sports and the Media

Faculty Mentor: Ramon Hinojosa
Sociology, 2008