Internal Faculty Grants

President's Challenge for COVID-19

  • Dr. Heather Hlavka, Dr. Aleksandra Snowden - When Safer-at-Home is Not Actually Safe: Supporting Intimate Partner Violence Survivors during Quarantine

President's Challenge for Racial Justice and Equity

  • Dr. Heather Hlavka - Restorative Justice in Movement: Trauma-Informed Athletic Practice Partnership
  • Dr. Aleksandra Snowden - Determine Health and Well-Being of African American Community in Milwaukee’s North side via Assessment of Telehealth and Health Monitoring Intervention

Research and Innovation, Explorer Challenge Grant

  • Dr. Louise Cainkar, Restorative Practices Initiative at Marquette University

Summer Faculty Fellowships and Regular Research Grants

  • Dr. Louise Cainkar, Negotiating Identity and Belonging Among Second Generation Arab American Muslim Teenagers Experiencing Transnational Selective Acculturation
  • Dr. Meghan Stroshine, Predicting Verdicts and Sentences in Domestic Violence Cases
  •  Dr. Dawne Moon, Ending the Culture Wars: Overcoming Spiritual Violence in Christian Churches
  • Dr. Alexandra Crampton, Child Custody Mediation Under Pressure: Contextualizing Constraints on Empowerment and Helping in a Family Court Program
  • Dr. Dawne Moon, The Motivation to Love: Overcoming Spiritual Violence and Sacramental Shame in Christian Churches
  • Dr. Heather Hlavka, Trace, Body & Voice: Sexual Assault and Forensic Evidence in the Milwaukee Court System
  • Dr. Darren Wheelock, Sources of Unemployment Among Felons and Ex-Felons in Milwaukee

  • Dr. Heather Hlavka,The Trouble with Telling: Children's Constructions of Sexual Abuse
  • Dr. Jane Peterson, Prehistoric Village Life in the Holy Land: An Archaeological Perspective

Faculty Course Development Grants, Center for Transnational Justice

  • Dr. Michael McCarthy, Capitalism and Society
  • Dr. Louise Cainkar, Issues in American Immigration (Honors Course)
  • Dr. Roberta Coles, Food and Society
  • Dr. Alexandra Crampton, International Social Welfare and Justice Policy and Practice

Undergraduate Research Grants, Center for Transnational Justice

  • Dr. Louise Cainkar, FIFA, Morocco, and Arab and African Diasporas

Office of Research and Sponsored Programs

  • Dr. Heather Hlavka, Jumpstart Research Grant for Legal and Extra-Legal Variables in Domestic Violence Injunction Hearings


Rynne Research Fellowship, Center for Peacemaking

  • Dr. Alexandra Crampton - Getting Past 'Yes' as Measure of Mediation Success: Child Custody Mediation in the Milwaukee Family Courts
  • Dr. Heather Hlavka  - The Violence of the (Virtual) Word: The Role of Social Media and Communication Technology in Adjudicating Sexual Assault
  • Dr. Alexandra Crampton - Evaluation of Mediation with Divorcing Couples in Dispute over Child Custody and Visitation
  • Dr. Dawne Moon - Dialogues with the Other: Experiences of Jewish-Palestinian Dialogue
  • Dr. Louise Cainkar - Liminality, Loyalty, and Modes of Incorporation: Comparative, Transnational Study of American Muslim Youth
  • Dr. Stephanie Dhuman, Latinx Immigrant Attitudes Towards Reporting Victimization

Simmons Religious Commitment Fund -  Faculty Mission Integration Fellowship

Dr. Louise Cainkar, Transformative and Restorative Justice Initiative at Marquette.

Gender and Sexuality Resource Center grants

  • Dr. Heather Hlavka, Faculty Grant -Trace, Body and Voice: U.S. Cultural Narratives of Sexual Assault in the Post-Forensic Trial

Center for Race, Ethnic and Indiginous Studies, Course Development Grants

  • Dr. Louise Cainkar

Manresa Course Development Awards

  • Dr. Louise Cainkar
  • Dr. Alexandra Crampton
  • Dr. Heather Hlavka
  • Dr. Meghan Stroshine

Online course development grants, Center for Teaching and Learning

  • Dr. Heather Hlavka
  • Dr. Louise Cainkar
  • Dr. Meghan Stroshine

Institute for Women's Leadership

  • Dr. Louise Cainkar, Exploring Women Centered Refugee Settlement

College of Arts and Science Interdisciplinary Event Grant

  • Dr. David Nowacek, Dr. John Pustejovsky (LLAC), and Krassimira Hristova (BISC): Designing Sustainability into our Curriculum:  From Foreign Language to Biology
  • Dr. Michael McNulty (PHIL), Dr. Philip Rossi (THEO), Dr. Daniel Maguire (THEO), Dr. Theresa Tobin (PHIL), Mr. Patrick Kennelly (Center for Peacemaking), and Dr. Louise Cainkar: Nonviolence and Peacemaking

Mellon Fund

  • Dr. Louise Cainkar: Cross-cultural contacts increasing students understanding of Globalization
  • Heather R. Hlavka: Embodied Empowerment Collective: Restorative Justice in Movement

Innovation Fund

  • Dr. Louise Cainkar, Engaging Muslims, Countering Islamophobia:  Islam in America Immersion

Center for Peacemaking, Course Development Grant

  • Dr. Louise Cainkar