Bring together the best features of a variety of majors or minors into one tidy package with interdisciplinary majors and minors.

Africana studies major: anthropology, history, literature, philosophy, political science, theology

Learn about the historical, cultural and political facets of the African-American experience. Unlike programs at many other universities, Marquette's Africana studies major emphasizes religious and spiritual dimensions. A strong complement to any major in the humanities and social sciences, this interdisciplinary major is also excellent preparation for law school or graduate school.

Applied mathematical economics major: mathematics and economics

Highly technical studies in micro- and macroeconomic analysis, comparative statistics, differential calculus, forecasting and econometric modeling prepare you for a career as an economist, actuary, analyst, consultant or any other professional field that relies upon mathematical forecasting and modeling.

Electronic communication studies major: digital media with business, economics, education or health sciences

International affairs major: See international affairs

Gender and sexualities studies major: See gender and sexualities studies