During your initial post award meeting with your Dean's Office, you should have discussed salary expenses coming from your award. Employees of Marquette fall into multiple categories, and sometimes the factors that determine these categories get complex. Graduation, summer, visa status, previous employment, termination from a primary assignment, FLSA classification of a primary assignment, and even previous enrollment factor into how someone is hired, rehired, or otherwise compensated. Your Dean's Office will help you navigate the hiring process, but it is important to know the distinctions between the following:


Student Employees – If you will be hiring student employees on an hourly basis, you should hire them via JobX. The Office of Student Employment offers monthly training to gain access to this system, or someone authorized to spend on your account may already be trained in the system. Graduate students can be hired as student employees and not graduate assistants. Please work with your Dean's Office to help determine someone's existing employment status before trying to hire them.

Graduate Assistants - An account owner must work with both their Department Chair and the school in which the student is enrolled. After funding is confirmed, offers may be made through the department procedures. All graduate assistants must have documentation of accepted offers processed by their school.

New Staff and Faculty - All faculty and staff positions must be posted online. Work with your Department Chair and Dean's Office to generate an approved job description and posting.

Buyouts, Additional Pay, and Summer Support - Your account may cover portions of staff or faculty, including yourself. To charge someone's time to your account, work with your Dean's Office. If it is a grant account, include ORSP in the planning to make sure that effort reporting and other requirements of an agreement are properly considered.