Purchasing and Expense Resources

To process a check or ACH payment, Purchasing must have the supplier set up in their system. If your supplier is new to Marquette, then it is your responsibility to initiate the supplier add process. This will require obtaining the supplier’s contact information and submitting it through MARQetplace. The purchasing system will use their e-mail address to invite them into the system where they will supply more detailed information such as their payment information and address.

  • Reimbursements - If you use your personal credit card(s) or cash for business expenses, you may seek reimbursement. Please review the policies for reimbursement by visiting the Accounts Payable website. Some transactions are not eligible or require additional documentation. Reimbursements to staff and faculty should be processed within the iExpense system found at myjob.mu.edu. Instructions for how to use iExpense are also on the Accounts Payable website. Approval will flow through to the employee’s normal approver and then onto someone who has signing authority on your account if the normal approver doesn’t. This is an example of when it is beneficial for other people within your department to be authorized signers.
  • P-Card Transactions – If you already have a P-Card, you may use it and then enter your account into the iExpense report. All existing rules regarding the limits and approval workflows still apply. If you do not have a P-Card someone in your department who does may be a designated purchaser. Check with their supervisor to see if they can purchase for you.
  • Purchase Orders – Purchase orders will be your primary way of purchasing goods and services directly with your project account. Information and training opportunities can be found on the Purchasing Department’s website. Completion of bid requirements is the responsibility of the purchaser or a department approved delegate.
  • Internal Payments and Invoices – Goods and services purchased through or by other departments on campus may be billed directly to your account. For example, employees who are paid from your account will be able to charge printing to your account at their department MFD. AMU services and catering can bill an internal account directly. Parking passes, software from ITS, and postage through mail services can also be billed directly to your account. If another department pays for your goods or services first, you may use a Department Expense Transfer form found on the Comptroller’s website to move the expense to your project account.
  • Other Invoices Accounts payable has manual payment request forms via MarquetPlace. Please work with purchasing or your department to process these.
  • Non-Grant Expense Transfers - The comptroller's office will allow you to move a charged expense from one account to another if an authorized signer from each account signs off. If you can sign on both accounts, you may submit the transfer yourself. The Department Expense Transfer (DET) form can be found on the Comptroller's website.
  • Grant Expense Transfers - Grants accounting and ORSP will need to review any expense transfers into or out of a grant. You can find the Grant Expense Transfer form on ORSP's website.