Budgeting, General Ledger, and Reporting


The ability to manipulate the budget of an account depends on the account type.

For grants, your Dean's Office can move from natural to natural as long as the funds stay in the same category. ORSP can assist in establishing and modifying your grant budget.

For gift, endowments, quasi endowments, and first dollar accounts, your Dean's Office can initiate a budget projection to establish a spending budget and move funds within the restriction afterwards.

For unrestricted department, startup, grant incentive, agency, and CIP funds, your Dean's Office can establish or initiate requests for your budget.

For RRG and Explorer / President's Challenge funds, the Office of Research and Innovation can establish your budget. Your Dean's Office can initiate manipulations for hiring of graduate assistants.


General Ledger

Once an account has a budget established, the account owner and their designee can view it in the General Ledger via MyJob. Detailed transaction information including operating payment status and digital versions of documentation can be found through the General Ledger.



Reporting is performed through Business Intelligence. Account owners will be able to see their accounts. If you do not have access to a report or need help using the reports, please contact your Dean's Office.

Operating Statements serve to show a summary of your account for the fiscal year and period selected. These are straightforward for non-grant restricted accounts. For unrestricted accounts, fringe benefits will always be overspent as those costs are incurred at the account level, but budgeted for centrally.

Project Grant Statements will show a holistic view of your grant, pulling from the financial system. If the dates or amounts do not align with your information, ORSP and Grants Accounting may need to update your account.

Labor Distribution can be used to reconcile payroll.

Journal Entry reports will give you line item transactions from your account.

Encumbrance reports will highlight any open purchase orders that haven't been closed or finally closed.