Grant accounts are established with the department RC and a unique Restriction. This is done automatically after a fully executed agreement is processed.

Other accounts are requested through your Dean's Office or provided by the Office of Research and Innovation for Explorer Challenge, RRG, and Grant Incentive accounts.

Once any account is established, the account owner will be sent authorized signer paperwork. This paperwork allows the owner and others to be given access to the account for purchasing, hiring, general ledger, and reporting.


Authorized Signer Form

This form will come with the RC, Restriction, and title completed. It is important that more than one person be authorized on the account. The Office of Research and Innovation recommends that all faculty-held accounts have at least three additional people added to them.

  • Supervisor - Systems such as iExpense are designed to route approvals through your supervisor. If your supervisor isn't added to your account, you may experience delays in processing. Sometimes your school or college will designate a department approver. In that case, make sure your department approver is added.
  • Support Staff and other non-student employees working on the award - Your lab technician or post doc may need to have direct access to purchase supplies or equipment for your award. If it is approved by their supervisor or if you are their supervisor, it can be appropriate for them to be primary purchasers on your award.
  • Dean's Office - To facilitate hiring, and in some cases expense approvals, it is important that the Business staff in your Dean's Office has the ability to sign for your account.

Finance System User Authorization Changes Form

This form does not require employee signatures, just that of the Dean's Office or Chair.

Each user will have their user name listed and be given access based on the options selected.

  • General Ledger Inquiry will give users access to the account within MyJob. Your Dean's Office should have automatic access to any account with an RC belonging to that school or college. Some specialty accounts may require verifying their access. In this case, you should verify that both you and your Dean's Office have access to the account.
  • MARQetplace requisitioner will allow a user to initiate purchase orders and payment requests.
  • MARQetplace approvers can have varying levels assigned to them. 

All forms can be found on the Comptroller's website.