Public Health & Equity Fellows

Meet the 2020 Public Health and Equity Fellows!

Brianna Weibye

Brianna Weibye is a 2nd year master's student in Exercise and Rehabilitation Science. She is working with Dr. Marie Hoeger Bement, researching chronic pain along with a collaborative team focusing on COVID-19 related research. She graduated from the University of Minnesota with a bachelor's degree in Psychology in 2015. Her passions are focused in health and wellness both clinically and within the community.


Cassie LaiblyCassie Laibly is a junior majoring in Biomedical Science with minor(s) in Spanish for the Health Professions and Public Health and Equity. She is working with Dr. John Mantsch and researching how COVID-19 has impacted mental health and the opioid epidemic. Cassie is passionate about taking an interdisciplinary approach to studying the epidemiology of the opioid epidemic and its relation to COVID-19. By acknowledging that availability of resources doesn’t mean accessibility, Cassie hopes to engage community partners to address community needs, by working with her community in hopes of them achieving empowerment through equitable and sustainable measures.


David Wrucke


David Wrucke is a senior undergraduate majoring in Biomedical Sciences, as well as a student in the Exercise and Rehabilitation Science Accelerated Master’s Program. He is currently involved with research studies in the areas of aging, fatigue, and Covid-19 as a research assistant in the lab of Dr. Sandra Hunter. His long-term goal is to attend medical school and practice rehabilitation medicine.


Dinnah Natukunda


Dinnah Natukunda is a graduate student in the Clinical Mental Health Counseling program. She holds an MBA in Multi Health Management and a bachelor’s degree in social sciences. She is passionate about institutional diversity and inclusion. Dinnah is working with Dr. Alexandre A. Martins to explore the impact of COVID-19 among students of color.



Emily Beltran


Emily Beltran is a Masters of Nursing Student at Marquette and plans to graduate in May of 2022. She recently completed Bachelors degrees in Biology & Psychology at St. Norbert College in 2020. Together with her mentor, Dr. Dora Clayton-Jones, she will be exploring COVID-19 with young adults with sickle cell disease using a community based photo voice method.



Emily Ethington


Emily Ethington is a sophomore at Marquette's College of Nursing. She is currently researching under the advisory of Dr. Abiola Keller and Dr. Daniel Pinto. Her research includes gathering data related to how COVID-19 has impacted employer health and well being. She is also performing qualitative analysis on African American caregivers during the Coronavirus pandemic. 



Madeline GwinnMadeline Gwinn is a third year in the College of Health Sciences from West Bloomfield Michigan with a major in Biomedical Sciences and minors in both Health Studies as well as Public Health and Equity. She is a part of Global Medical Brigades here at Marquette, additionally, she is a part of Campus Ministry as a sacristan and a site leader for Midnight Run, an on-campus student organization focused on the particular needs of hunger in people experiencing homelessness in the Marquette area and beyond. Moreover, Madeline is a research team member of Dr. Gasser’s lab focused on learning more about the neurobiology of stress. Madeline is working with Dr. John Mantsch on COVID-19 research. 

Natalie Roh


Natalie Roh is a senior studying Biomedical Sciences and is actively engaged in medical and public health brigades. She is working with Dr. Joseph Byonanebye to conduct research on how churches are impacted and respond to COVID-19. After working directly with individuals affected by COVID-19 as a Contact Tracer and as a CNA, Natalie is eager to dig deeper into how populations are being affected by COVID-19 in a non-medical realm.



Koreena Miller


Koreena Miller is a junior majoring in Clinical Laboratory Science. She is working with Dr. Nilanjan Lodh researching the relationship between poverty, racial disparities, and COVID-19, along with the effects of taking proper precautions to prevent the spread of the virus.



Julia Jezykowski

Julia Jezykowski is a junior studying biochemistry and molecular biology in the Klinger College of Arts & Sciences. She is also pursing a minor in psychology. She is from Illinois, and on the pre-med track, hoping to go into orthopaedics. Julia will be working with Dr. Elizabeth L. Angeli in the PBHE fellowship on research related to EMS and COVID-19.


Watch the 2020 Student Fellows present their research at the Public Health & Equity Symposium.